Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Cruise Ship in the Desert

As usual...it's been too long since I last wrote...I am hoping to someday have a blog that does not start with that all too familiar intro. I promise I've been writing...I just cannot force myself to publish any of it. Crazy.

But God has been changing my heart and working away behind the scenes just like He always does and I'm just now starting to see what He's been up to. There are some pretty BIG and exciting things on the horizon, so much to look forward to which makes my heart pretty gosh darn happy. (I love that He knows how happy I get when He gives me a little sneak peek of what's to come!)

But as much as I am excited about what He's showing me and asking me to do, I also lay in bed at night pretty terrified as I realize the enormity of the task and the call and how very unqualified I am to do any of it. (This is usually a great sign that God is involved...feeling equal parts excited and terrified all at once)

This has really got me thinking about my ol' pal Noah lately. I've always loved the story of Noah because I've always really related to him. I remember hearing that story over and over again when I was a kid and the part that I was always so fascinated by is that neither Noah or these people had ever seen or even heard of rain...meaning that the concept of a flood was simply inconceivable to them... That adds a pretty intense element to this story, at least I think so!

I have always tried to put myself in Noah's shoes...or sandals I suppose...God asks me to build a boat. Not just any old boat, a stinkin' cruise ship that takes up half of the stinkin' desert..and He's asking me to do it because He wants to protect me when He destroys the earth with a flood...

Say what!? Come again!?

I have no idea how to build a boat (well maybe Noah did) and I don't even know what a flood is.

Here's the amazing thing about Noah. He probably felt very much how I assume I would feel in his position. Unsure of how to go about the task, extremely inadequate for the task, and more than a bit confused as to why he had to do this anyways...

But there was one thing that Noah was sure of, and that was God's voice. 
And to him that's all that mattered. 

He drowned out all the other voices and all of the doubt (including his own) and focused on the one thing that he was sure he could always depend on. The cool thing is that once he said yes, God made sure to give him all the details and to take care of everything else. All Noah needed to do was hear and obey. 

But kudos to Noah for obeying on a larger scale than most of us will ever have to! For hearing and obeying and following with not even and idea; not even a concept of what was to come. 

I have felt this so many times in my life. Sure in the moment that I have heard God speak and determined to follow and obey Him wherever He leads. But then I start sharing my heart and my story and I hear the doubts and the concerns and the questions and they start to settle in and all of a sudden I am wondering if I really heard God speak after all....

But then I try to remind myself of Noah. Standing in that desert sun, pounding and sawing and sweating while EVERYONE he knew and loved mocked him and shouted insults and laughter and doubts at him...and still he kept building based on a simple conversation he had with hid God. 

Me and you and Noah serve the same God. That means when you hear Him speak, you can trust Him and you can obey because that's all that He is asking of you. Once you say yes, He will work out all of the details and carry you through the journey. 

The other voices, the doubts, your own fear and questions and insecurities don't matter. All that matters is that He spoke and you chose to obey. Rest in that, and move forward in confidence.

I read through the story of Noah a few times this week and these were some verses that stood out to me, and I particularly loved the order :)

6:9 "Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God."
6:22 "Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him."
7:5 "And Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him."
8:10 "He waited." 
8:12 "Then he waited"
9:1 "And God blessed Noah and his sons."
9:3 "...I give you everything."

Noah walked with God, had a pure heart, listened to God, obeyed God, waited on God, and God blessed Him. 
Seems simple to me folks. 
Trying to apply this to every area of my life and thanking God that at least He hasn't asked me to build a cruise ship in the middle of the desert :)

Love always, 

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