About the Author

Just a small town girl living in a lovely world!

Lover of: 
Jesus.  sunshine. adventuring.   C O F F E E.  my puppy Lincoln.   charm.  color. butterflies and birds.  collecting rocks.  tall trees in all seasons.  every flower ever.  handwritten letters.  kids.  snail mail in general.  making places feel like home.  fashion.   fruits and veggies.  laughing until it hurts.    picture books.  Seattle.  Jane Austen. Katniss. BIG cities. flying kites.  baking (especially cupcakes and crumbles).  brick streets and old fashioned lights.  the names of perfumes.  journaling.  making people smile.  shopping.  coloring.  did I say coffee?

Life Goals:
. serve Jesus and follow wherever He leads
. write charming children's' books
. see as much of the world as I possibly can
. make people laugh and see their God-given potential
. live authentically 
. always budget for fresh flowers

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