Saturday, September 19, 2015

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Because it's fall.
My most favorite time of year.

Because it's not really so fall-ish here in Mexico.
Because if I am honest I am really struggling with the lack of fall-ish weather and flavors and clothes...
Because I am having to find ways to embrace right here and right now and to celebrate fall in my heart and in new and creative ways.

Because my blog posts as of late have been scattered and inconsistent and a little bit heavy...

Because I adore ALL things fashion and New York Fashion Week.
I spent this weekend in my apartment with autumn colored flowers, a surprise Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle from the states, and my Ode to Autumn playlist on Spotify, totally vegging out on and fashion week.
Here's how I am bringing fall to Mexico and carrying on traditions even if fall seems far away.

For today, consider me a regular old fashion blogger and enjoy my favorites from this year...and of course all of my ramblings along with them.

WARNING)This is going to be a sort of long, pretty in depth, extra fashion-y blog. I did try to keep it to my absolute favorites...but still. So, if that's not your thing, you better just catch me next week :)

If you are a fashon-y person and have decided to continue reading. Do not expect to see any Chanel. I very much dislike those collections every time despite how much I loved the character in the movie made about her life. I don't like the strange, fussy, creepy models. I dislike that they seem to do whatever they want (despite how awful it looks) for the sake of being "fashion forward." I think they lose most people in their pursuit of "high fashion" and they have stopped relating to the average woman. #endrant #seeotherrantonfacebook (also no Gucci, Prada, or Calvin Klein)

When I was about 16 years old, I received my very first copy of Vogue. I had a best friend who was a legit in... she was the true definition of a hipster long before it was even hipster to be a hipster. She was traveling to New York on weekends with her family and bringing me back large, printed scarves from H&M (when NO ONE in Ohio knew what H&M was..) She was burning me cds to take on trips with Adele songs...and now that I think about's hard to believe Adele was even born back then. And for fun she would bring over copies of Vogue and Vanity Fair for us to look through on Friday nights while we ate Mac&Cheese and watched cheesy old movies that most people have never even heard of.
All that to say... I thought Vogue and fashion was weird back then. I didn't understand the overdone makeup and strangely paired clothes. But I do remember that we put little stickies on our favorite pages and made it a tradition to buy the largest issue every year (which of course back then I did not know was known as the September Issue)
I should also mention. At that point, I was pretty overweight, and so fashion was not fun. Clothes were just a reminder that I did not like myself. I always loved style and such but I sort of avoided it because it was painful.

Fast forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I am moving to Seattle.
I have lost quite a bit of weight since college and I have discovered and embraced my love for all things fashion. I enjoy purchasing the September Issue every year and then splurging on some new items to have fun with during the season.
Project Runway has become a weekly essential.
I am thrilled to have my very first walk in closet in my attic apartment that I adore. I fill it with photos from years and years of September Issues.
I buy yet another and enjoy sifting through it during nap time at my nanny job with a cup of coffee on a rainy, autumn, Seattle afternoon.
I pluck my favorites from the pages to add to my closet spread...
And then it hits me.
I have developed an eye.
Since my very first issue of Vogue, before I had any idea what this art and industry was all about, I had been pulling Carolina and Dior and Valentino and Dolce and Gabana and most of all Oscar.
I always go back to them.
I can spot them on the Red Carpet almost immediately.

So that's where I begin when I do my recap of Fashion Week.
With the classics.
My classics.
My favorites.

Carolina Herrera 
I love the femininity, the florals, the elegance that is in everything she does. I love her name. I don't always love everything, but without fail there are more than a few things that make my favorites list every single year.

(This was my absolute favorite from her this year. LOVE the flowy-ness. I would totally rock this at the Emmy's or some lighter awards show.)

Christian Dior 
Love that Dior always shows in an airy location and that their clothes follow suit. They are always elegant and fresh and classic. Not to mention, JLaw is the current Miss Dior. What's not to love!?

Christian Siriano

I go way back with this cool kid. When I was still in high school, I fell in love with him on Project everything about him. His style, his personality. I was thrilled when he won and even more thrilled to see him grow and become more well known every single year. And what's even cooler...this year he took all of his inspiration from African culture and architecture! I love that he has always stayed true to himself in design but that also you can clearly see growth. And btw...he deserves all the credit for phrases like "hot mess," and "fierce." 

Diane van Furstenberg
Honestly. I was so surprised by just how much I loved this collection. So many pieces that were just lovely and that I would wear in a heartbeat. 

Anna October

So. Another favorite past time is digging through the list of designers and finding a few new ones that I haven't seen before. Every now and then you find a gem and fall in love. I don't think she actually showed this year, but I am glad I stumbled upon Miss October...and I mean with a name like that...of course I loved her. 

 This. I am not even a glitter/sparkle girl necessarily...but THIS! 

Another new name I stumbled upon and am so glad I did...

Lela Rose
yet another lovely name who put out lovely designs. I am excited to follow her more!

J Crew
I follow these guys on Instagram, so I had already seen a lot of there stuff leading up to fashion week, but this...I am Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) at heart and I love a lovely picnic in the park. This seemed like the best of both worlds.

Jill Stuart
I usually like more from her...I wasn't a huge fan of her collection this year, but this one was sweet enough to share. 

And now...for the grand finally...
My absolute favorites, hands down, every single year....

Always chic and elegant and pristine and pretty and floral...I always adore a Marchesa collection and this year she was my pick for dress I want to see most at the Oscars. (Another of my yearly traditions is choosing the dress from all of the collections that I would wear to the Oscars if I attended...or more realistically that I hope to see on the red carpet.)

 THIS IS IT! This is the one. This would be my dress for the Oscars this year and I am so hoping I see someone rock it this year on the red carpet! 

Monique Lhulillier
She does flowers like no one else. Even her name to me is floral. This for sure was not my favorite collection from her, but of course she had a couple of pieces that I loved. 

Tory Burch 

This dress I am in love with. I wolud buy it tomorrow if I could and then wear it to church. all time favorite forever. 

Oscar de la Renta
NEVER NEVER EVER has a collection from this man disappointed. Year after year I fall in love all over again. This year I was worried. Oscar passed away this year and I was terrified that the collection I look forward to all year and the dresses I enjoy most seeing on the red carpets would be no more. BUT the man who took over did a flawless job of carrying on the essence of Oscar. The lovely, feminine, floral, vibrant-ness that is Oscar de la Renta. I would wear him on the red carpet every single time. This year's collection was inspired by a Spanish bull fight. #perfection 
Here's a quote from Vogue's website. I could not agree more nor could I have said it better myself. 

"The combination of respectfulness for the founder and pure personal flair made for a collection that succeeded in making every woman present at the show want to be part of Copping’s ravishing modern view of femininity and sexuality. The sight of his models, scrubbed and groomed with matte red lipstick, their hair brushed smoothly into ponytails with low grosgrain ribbon bows, made fashion’s prevailing messy no-makeup grungy beauty suddenly look a whole lot less desirable at a stroke. It was not just a question of the breathtaking color choices, which ran from saturated to pastel—say, emerald green duchesse satin for a skirt suit with a narrow powder pink belt, or the grass green embroidered shoes under a mint gazar dress—but also of Copping’s ability to undercut froth and frills with a modernizing casualness. He did that by putting suits with jet-embroidered flat espadrilles, by tying black ribbons nonchalantly into incredible lilac and ice-blue ball gowns, and by daring to show glimpses of naked skin through black lace. In a word, it was faultless."

 Yellow. Lace. Oscar. Basically ALL of my favorite things in one dress. 
 I'm saying. I don't even really like red. But I would wear this dress. #Oscar #magic #howdoeshedoit

 Again with the red. And I like it....?
 I think he always finds a way to fit this color in and I love him for it. 
And this one comes in second! Another I would LOVE to see on the red carpet this year. Hoping to see Zoe wear this one. Love my favorite stars in my favorite designers. 

The new face of Oscar de la Renta. It seems that good things are in store with this guy on board. I should really learn his name...but I think I will just call him Oscar the II

So simply elegant always and never afraid to use color. Also. He doesn't make his models obnoxious and I love him for that. 

And for kicks and giggles I decided to check out the Resort wear collections. Here were a few of my favorites. 

It's pretty rare that I like anything from Zac Posen. But this was really nice. And the models were fresh and not overdone which is always a win in my book. 

And here is a picture of Micahel Kors just because I love him and I think he needs to come back to Project Runway ASAP. 

I know this wasn't the usual, but I think it was time for a little fresh-ness and lightness on the blog. 
Thanks for indulging my inner fashionista.

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