Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Feeling Fall-ish

I adore fall.

I was born in the fall.

I LOVE to embrace and enjoy all things fall.

Usually I go on and on and on with some wordy descriptions of my favorite season, but today, in honor of fall showing her lovely face again, I am sharing some of my favorite autumn scenes and memories in the form of photos.

Cozy up and enjoy :)

Autumn in #Ohio. Where it all began. But really, like quite literally. I was born in autumn in Ohio. 

That one Turkey Day when I pulled one over on my parents and surprised them all the way from MO. I am certainly glad I have memories and moments like these to hold close. 

Loved autumn afternoon walks with my adventure buddy. Not to mention he looks more adorable and more Seattle than ever in his American Apparel hoodies. 

My favorite September yet...when I became an Auntie to this sweet little lady! 

Simple little walks that turn into treasure hunts. 

So. Much. Yellow. <3 <3 <3 

My front yard. #Ohio

Celebrating my 26th birthday in Ohio with my family...the first birthday I have celebrated with them in over five years! It included White House Fruit Farms cider and blueberry donuts. Needless to say, it was one for the record books :) 

These guys. I miss them so. They stayed behind in Ohio for we could not survive Mexico together. 

<--------<<  <----------<<  <----------<<  <-----------<<

 Last year I experienced #Boston in the fall for the very first time. I also got to explore this lovely park with a dear old friend. 

I spent my birthday treat on clover coffee. After exploring the city. #mmmmmm

My first trip to Rhode Island while on my first trip to Boston...because my Boston peeps are the best.

>>----------->  >>------------>  >>-------------->  >>--------->  >>--------->

That other Thanksgiving I spent in Tulsa (for real) with my bestie shopping it up and enjoying coffee in bed and time with her fam. 

Traditional fall snail mail from my Auntie Noel to me no matter where I might be living. 

 <---------<<  <----------<<  <---------<<  <-----------<<  <---------<<

 And my ode to three autumns spent living life in #Seattle

Was this for real life!? #Seattle 

Such spectacular colors from the place they call the Emerald City 

 Who wouldn't love this walk to work!?

Autumn Sky. I am rather convinced I will name a child that. 

Fall was my most favorite time to be a nanny. One of our favorite projects every year was a fall scavenger hunt with leaf rubbings and warm cider to follow! 

And the tiny little people who stole my heart and made fall a blast. This is one of our fun fall photo shoots :) No one else I would rather share cider and pumpkin bread with on an autumn afternoon. 

That one September when my pal Collin came to visit and we took this epic photo.  #Seattle

Best morning walks with my forever walking buddy. 

Two/three Hunger Games premiers with equally committed people. 

And of course those same spectacular people celebrated many an autumn birthday with me over bowls of chilly and yummy pumpkin things :) 

It was in #Seattle autumn that I...
Created my beloved "autumn stir fry"

Learned how to hike real mountains and made the best memories with this pastor pal of mine. 

AND experimented until I found MY perfect version of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (and then enjoyed quite a few of them in the park)

<--------<<  >>-------->  <---------<<  >>--------->

It may seem like a silly, little thing, but to me it was HUGE. In a place of eternal summer (it would seem) today there was just enough briskness in the air to allow for me wearing my fun fall sweatshirt ALL DAY! It's the little things really. 

When you start over...again and start to wonder if it will be possible to make friends....again and again. Especially the good ones. The ones that stick with you for the rest of your life. I am here to tell you, it is possible. In every place God has led me, I have found them. 
I love to celebrate...EVERYTHING. Especially the first day of fall. Not only was I not alone in this here in Mexico, these ladies came to me and asked if I would be wearing a "first day of fall" outfit and insisted that we take a photo. 
They. Are. Keepers. 
They helped my heart feel all of the warm and fuzzy fall vibes when I was afraid it might not be able to in this place. 


Would love to see some of YOUR favorite fall moments and colors and traditions!
Please, PLEASE post below. Pretty please! I need fall-ish-ness in my life!


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