Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Begin Again

It's the name of a random rom-com I watched on Netflix sometime last year and really loved.

It is, for me, life currently.

Shocking right!? Nothing you've ever heard or read from me before. Not ever.

This time though, it's full circle. It's funny how I wake up every single day in the same house I spent so many years in and I walk up and down the very same streets. How familiar and how brand new it is at exactly the same time.

Two weeks and three days so far. Seventeen days total. Back in the city that I think I've always loved. Even before I knew her. Since my daddy and I were chasing down butterflies and endlessly rock collecting. Since before I knew it was possible to live the city life among the evergreens and surrounded by salty blue.

Back where I began the first time.
Back where I did so much becoming.
Where I will do so much more. I'm sure.
Because becoming is inevitable. Even when we'd rather not. When we feel just fine with how we are. With how things are. Becoming happens in spite.


The good news is, we're all in it together.
The becoming.
Wherever we might be planted.

For now my little roots have found their way back to the pacific north west. They're digging down into the rich, green earth and starting to settle in. To soak up the ever present pacific mist and to inhale deeply the aroma of evergreens all mixed up with dark, delicious coffee.

So many mountains still to climb.
But for now.
Just beginning again.

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