Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moved by the Music Monday #2

So...like usual it's been way too long...

This week's blog is simple.

In keeping with my Monday tradition/theme (well what I am attempting to make a tradition ha ha) I am going to post on one simple song lyric. The best part is it pretty much sums up my life right now as well and so I think it's a good choice for my post this week.

"After all You are only good."

This is from a song that we have been singing at Transit lately (that's my church here in Seattle in case you didn't know) and it has just been speaking to me since the very first time that I heard it. It's from this lovely song called, "Not for a Moment" and you really should check it out. I promise you'll be listening/singing for a good while.

What I have to say about this lyric is also pretty simple and to the point. I actually ADORE songs that do this for me...that offer me one little take away that I can say in my head and write in my journal repeatedly and even stick somewhere that I can see that just continually speaks to me and carries me through life. THIS is one of those songs and this phrase is my take away. 

After ALL...no matter what. After every circumstance, ever tear, every success, every failure, every hurt, every loss, every day, every blessing...just after ALL...YOU (being Jesus) are ONLY good. 

Gosh that just gets me every time. 

So often I find myself ranting on and on to God about this or that and how I just don't get it and I just don't understand and I just wish I could see it the way he does and blah blah blah...and really in the end none of it matters. Because no matter how angry I am and how much I don't understand and how often things don't go the way I plan...after ALL of that God is still ONLY good. 

What a humbling, and comforting thought. 

It's one I like to keep with me at all times. 

And the beautiful thing is that it applies to every moment in our lives...honestly! ANYTHING that happens in your life GOOD OR BAD OR JUST IN BETWEEN...you can ALWAYS follow it up with this simple little statement...

"After ALL You are ONLY good."

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