Saturday, May 19, 2012

young at heart

June 26, 2008

growing up i always wanted to be an elementary school teacher. i decided it in the first grade and i didn't change my mind until my junior year of high school.

sometimes i feel like i became this way overnight. but something tells me that i have just always been...this way. but something happened around that time. i think i started seeing the really big and intelligent plans that all of my friends had for their futures...and constantly being around them sort of made me feel as though my plans were not as great...and maybe that they weren't big or smart enough. so i decided i would go into english. publish books. something fancy like that. and all the while i was at my church all the time drowning myself in everything kids.

i even started out college trying sooo hard to convince myself that englsih was the obvious choice and that i could always be involved in childrens ministry on the side....
and then it clicked. it could be my job! and ever since i realized that i could make a career out of my favorite thing in the has been full of sunshine!

i finally know why i am here. what makes me alive and that i can look forward to my future because i finally let God decide what it would be rather than planning away on my own!

i looooooooooove kids. 
everything about them. i would so much rather hang out with seven year olds than people my own age...and no offense to any of you....i am pretty sure it's common knowledge!

i think that i love finding ways to connect with every kid. trying to really listen and pay attention to them so that i can know something unique about each and every one of them. staying involved in their lives....

most of all i love watching them and thinking that they could be anything! they have their whole lives ahead of them and only God knows what they are capeable of. 
i love that they are excited about everything...the simplest things and that they trust and love pretty much anyone...without much thought. 
i love that i can be excited about yogurt and oatmeal and new disney movies...and that i can wear silly barettes and clothes that don't quite match and they don't fact they love me more for it. 

i love that i could be having the worst day....completely dreading walking into mpact or kids church and as soon as i walk through the door they all come running and throw their arms around me and i can't fight a smile anymore.
that no matter how exhausted i am i can always find it in me to keep going for them.

i have always loved kids. but it amazes me that each and every day i love them more and i am more and more excited about my calling!

i am so honored and blessed to know that i am going to make a career out of my passion!

i am sorry if this bores's just that i am sure God is tired of hearing me tell him this over and over and over...and i want to tell everyone! 

i am going to be a kid forever and no one can stop me. 

and that is a beautiful thing!

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