Saturday, May 19, 2012

without a word

September 13, 2008

scott jett changed my life.

i never even spoke a word to him.

i sat through his sermon monday morning, took notes, waved to him on the stairs this morning and learned tonight that i never will get to speak to him.

so how did he change my life?

tonight i sat on a cold stone bench in front of the chapel at central bible college and called everyone in my phone to say that i love them and to ask them where they stand with God.

I have never had such boldness or inspiration in my entire life with Christ.

how devistatingly beautiful that it took a man sacrificing his life to push me to the edge? to realize another man did that for the same reason 2000 years ago. shame on me for missing that...

in the end life is a vapor. how do i know that i will ever have the chance to ask them or share my love again?

so thank you scott jett.

not only did you change my life...

you inspired me to finally change some others...

and i thank jesus that i still had the chance....

God has not promised
skies always blue,
flower-strewn pathways
all our lives through;
God has not promised
sun without rain,
joy without sorrow,
peace without pain.

But God has promised
strength for the day,
rest for the labor,
lght for the way,
Grace for the trials,
help from above,
unfailing sympathy,
undying love.

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