Saturday, May 19, 2012

winding down in a f r i c a

July 11, 2009

i never knew you could make puppets.
i mean i knew that someone made them... but like special people... that like went to school for it or something ha ha and then they grow up and have website where people like me order them from...
but apparently that is not the case.
because over the last two days we have made 6 sunshine puppets from scratch. cut out the foan and the eyes and glued them together and spray painted them and all.
proud moment in my life.
we ran into town for a little bit to pick up some last minute stuff while kim ran some errands. gosh becky and i just can't resist spending some namibian mula.
i found yet another amazing painting to africanize my dorm room :)

so after kimpossible worked us to death again... ha ha only kidding...
but we finished up some work and then got all cleaned up.

today we said goodbye to our beloved gardners :(
they are headed to otjiwarango again this weekend and becky and i will be gone before they get back... so strange.
it's hard to believe we are leaving.
this place feels so much like home.
but that's my problem... everywhere i go feels a little like home ha ha

kim being the wonderful woman that she is, made us reservations at the tug restaurant and a taxi service to get us there. what will we do without her?
so we hugged everyone goodbye (excluding mark since he was not yet home from kids choir practice) and headed off in our taxi to dinner.
this place was amazing. this old tug boat that they turned into a restaurant and it overlooks that ocean... it may be the most beautiful place that i have ever been in my entire life (outside of cbc of course ha ha)
so we ordered amazing food... chicken hawaii for me with a whole plate of veggies.
gosh i love veggies.
and then we splurged on the ebony and ivory chocolate mousse.
doesn't that just sound delicious.
i realized tonight that i am very guilty of choosing things based on the way that they are described.
for example:
when i painted my room i could not decide on a color... so i looked at the names of the paint chips.
my room is painted this bold shade of pink called "happily ever after' how could you not love a wall that is titled happily ever after?
or this yogurt i discovered a few weeks ago called cinnamon swirl.
admit that sound good.
see where i am going with this.
if you do it is easy to understand how i justified eating chocolate mousse..
ebony and ivory.
that's some good advertising.
just saying.
but we did split it.
and there was kiwi.
i am still trying to talk myself into that extra large amount of calories i consumed in one sitting ha ha.
it was so worth it.

so anyways. while becky and i were eating we were talking abut our taxi and how becky was going to have a cow if he didn't come back.
and then it hit me.
why do we say that?
i mean i would not have a cow.
nothing in my life... no situation EVER in my life has been so terrible that i would have a cow. not even close.
but then i have heard people say "have a bird" and i see what they mean.. a bird is smaller. but becky doesn't understand why they would choose a bird.
all i know is i would never have a cow or a bird for that matter.

we finished up and paid and then headed outside to meet patrick our driver. but first we wanted to take a walk on the long.... long pier.
so we started walking and gosh it was long. and kind of scary when you looked down and saw that roaring ocean foaming up through the cracks of the wooden planks.
but i kept walking.
and it kept roaring.
but it was cold so we didn't make it to the end. we went back and had patrick take us home.
and ever since we have been sitting on the couch vegging out and watching movies.
we watched the painted vail. beautiful movie. loved it... all of it.
and now we are watching she's the man.. interesting ha ha but hey the film major picked it lol
it's sort of random that we are just chilling in this house in africa watching movies.
you don't realize how small the world is until you are half way across it.
i don't feel like i am thousands of miles from home or like i have been gone for almost a month.
i read this thing in a book the other day
"it's easy to think that when your world comes crashing to a halt that everyone's does" -my sister's keeper-
they make a good point.
it feels like while i have been skipping out on my life over here in africa, so has everyone else. but you haven't.
life has gone on for everyone else.
that's refreshing but scary really.
to realize that you are not the center of the world.. that things are so much more important than you. but scary to think you could just sort of disappear like that.
africa has almost come to an end.
this chapter anyways.

but i am so excited to come home and to see everyone and to get back to my life.
and to find out what God has for me next.. because the truth is you never really know or see it coming. but it's so much more fun that way :)
thanks for reading.
sorry it's not so meaty anymore ha ha

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