Saturday, May 19, 2012

the end of A f R i C a

July 16, 2009

i used to hate the feel of sand between my toes and all up in my shoes.
today as we were walking along the beach, i found myself kicking the sand up onto my flip flops and digging my feet down into it as i walked.

we walked all over swakop today... down flamingo street and along the beach...
it was beautiful.
but so sad
this is our last day here in namibia.
it kind of feels empty since the gardners are gone.
just becky and i hanging out here in africa.
how often can you say that?

we took missy (the skittish dog) for a walk on the beach and i collected lots and lots of rocks. there were so many... it is what i think heaven will look like for my dad ha ha he was a geology major and well he just loves rocks and i think it might have rubbed off on me ever so slightly. but that's alright with me.
i brought them all back and cleaned them and made some pretty cool little keepsakes.
the hippie in me really really enjoyed it ha ha.

then we sat around for a while because we weren't so sure what to do....
and then we ate some dinner. left over lasagna still delicious :)
and then i packed. a task that seemed more overwhelming than it ended up being.
i was done in like less than an hour... and somehow i have a lot more space than i did on the way here.
i never understand how that happens... especially when i spend so much money...
mystery of life i suppose.

now we are watching dumb and dumber simply because becky does not want to pack and she is continuing to try to get out of it ha ha.
but it's still only 8.
so i am guessing we will probably watch another one soon.
we were thinking hariet the spy.

well this is it friends until saturday.
tomorrow we board the plane for another super duper long journey.
i am not sure how i am going to talk myself through this again ha ha.
just pray that i don't get stuck behind another african man who insists on having his seat reclined the entire 17 hours... that would be helpful in itself :)
but i'll be home before you know it...
much sooner than your post cards... which are in the mail by the way.

all i can say is it's been fun.
i am so blessed and just privileged to have had this opportunity.
the lord is so good to me and all i can do is thank him and give him all of my life.
africa is beautiful... in every way, and i am honored to have spent a chapter of my life here.
hopefully it's one of many :)

thanks for reading and praying and supporting. you are all wonderful :)
stay tuned for photos...

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