Saturday, May 19, 2012

A f r i c a currently

yesterday i rode a camel and today i went dune boarding.

see how i just suck you in like that... now you just have to keep reading so that you can hear the end to those crazy hook lines.

well yesterday was our last ministry commitment. we had a school assembly at 7 10 and the christian academy where breana goes to school. it was small and simple. sang some bananas, talked with the monkey, held our tongues while we sang, and amazed some more kids with my super duper rope trick.
and then we were free... ha ha only kidding.
but it was about time we did some shopping.
so kim dropped us off in town and let us go at it!
and we did for a lot of hours. we hit every single store and the open market. and we even made a stop for some african ice cream.
you would be so proud of my market experience this time. it was much different than the last one that you read about ha ha.
i just walked up and i was like ok. kim is not here, and some day i am going to have to do this... so here goes. so i just told them i was looking and i just talked with them and looked at what i wanted to and kept walking when i wanted to. it was that simple.
and i got them down in their prices. from 420 to ha ha
i still have a lot of work to do to catch up with kimpossible though.
i splurged on this super cool necklace. it's shaped like africa and it looks zebra striped and it's made out of elephant hair. pretty cool. the next challenge is figuring out how to make it a part of the necklace that i have now.

kim is great ha ha. she kept coming to pick us up and we kept needing more time and so she would just keep leaving ha ha.
we finally finished around 2 and came back home. we were supposed to ride the camels today, but mark got us in yesterday.
i don't think i was quite sure what to expect...
i was ever so slightly nervous considering i have never ridden anything in my life... except a pony at like my 5th birthday party. it was a little mermaid party... but i had ponies and a clown. i never quite understood the cohesiveness there.


we drive out a ways to this camel farm and walk into this small house to sign in. the entire time mark was trying to prepare us. he said it was the smelliest most uncomfortable thing hs had ever done... but it's a good experience. this sweet old women geared us up for our ride. we had to put on head scarves to "protect us from the sand" really it's just so we look like crazy people.
anyways. she walks us out to the camels and the trainers and we proceed to bond with our camels; becky with freddy and me with olga. they were pretty sweet little camels. then she does an entire photo shoot with her personal commentary included in the video. she says we have got to document getting up and down since it is apparently so amusing.
and it was.
terrifying... but somehow i was laughing the entire time.
but then again that's how i handle every situation no matter how near death it may be.
so they hit his behind...excuse me...hers... and gosh she stood up.
it was quite a bit higher than i was expecting... but i just couldn't stop laughing and i was trying so hard to stop because i didn't want to offend her or freak her out you know.
so i just kept praying and talking to olga. i mean the poor thing. how many overweight americans that thing has to walk around with every day.
hard knock life.
anyways. we were just strolling along in the namibian desert on our camels... olga liked to run from time to time just so that freddy didn't get out of sight. it made me a little nervous, but i just held on tight.
but then i saw becky's money fly out of her pocket... and then all of a sudden the trainers dropped the ropes and ran after the money...
and there we were... just wandering on our camels...

but they got the money and they controlled the camels.
kudos to them.
i didn't really care about the money, i was just not interested in my obituary reading death by camel... ha ha
so they walked us back... and at one point ran us. that was not the most comfortable experience. but it could have been worse.
word of advice, if you are going to ride a camel, take dramamine. they don't include camel riding on the package... but they certainly should.
the worst part was getting down.
what does up, must come down...and it came down hard.
but once again i held on for dear life and then it was over.
and i was still laughing ha ha.
mark certainly prepared us for the worst, and it was not so bad at all. actually a lot of fun.
so then elka (the sweet woman who owns the farm) had us over for a cup of tea. i don't like tea...but she was just so sweet that i could not resist. and she was hilarious.
she gave us such a good deal. 100 for both of us (namibian) and then we got some cool camels to go... i mean like figurines ha ha.
oh and then we wanted to feed them our left over apple.. so she let us into the pen. we were surrounded by camels. oh and there was a zonkey. this mixture of a zebra and a donkey... i got pictures don't worry.
mark took us to the dune and we climbed up a small one to watch the sun set. it's hard climbing so we didn't quite make it. but it was still so beautiful. makes you realize how small we really are. how insignificant.
then it was back home for kim's delicious dinner. and she made this yummy pineapple cake for after (she even left the coconut off part of it since she knows we don't like it) and we all watched confessions of a shopaholic. it made me feel better about myself. the movie, not the cake.

today we slept in.. probably just a little too long.
and by the time kim came and got us with her homemade pumpkin bread, she had already accomplished what we would in like 3. kimpossible... what can we say?
so we cut out some puppet mouth parts. kim claimed that thing that hangs in the back of your throat is a uvula and i was sure it was the epiglottis.
so we googled.
what would you do?
we discovered that the epiglottis is inside the uvula and so we were both right.
the next challenge was trying to make palm leaves for our palm trees for kids camp. the garbage bag/wire thing did not turn out so well. it looked pretty sick.
so we headed to the hardware store to get inspired... and to get some better materials.
kim wanted STRONG wire that would not be flimsy when it hung out of the trunk of the tree. the guy showed her some stainless steel cable... but that was not strong enough for kimpossible.
by the time we left, we had the entire hardware store engulfed in our project and attempting to make this palm tree... we were all just laughing so hard.
goooood times.
but then we had to try it...
thankfully mark saved us and decided to take us dune boarding.
not going to lie...i was very very scared. but tia and i am going to live it up. that's the bottom line.
so mark got the boards and we stopped at the store for some wax. which made me more nervous... as if we weren't going to go fast enough already. but he insisted it was fine.
so we got to the dunes and bre and becky and i waited for mark to wax the boards he says there is an art to it.
and then the trek began.
now i work out on the elipticals a lot.... and i was totally not prepared for that.
it was absolutely exhausting
but somehow we talked each other through it and made it to the very top. the view was amazing. like there are no words for it. but i was like 10 pounds heavier from all the sand that had attached to my body on the way up.
i just stood there. it was incredibly windy... i was sooo scared but i had to do it. i just had to. so we waited for mark to get to the top and kind of walk us through it. he said we didn't have to worry about the going down part, just the boards because if they get loose in the wind they could fly back and kill you.
he always know just what to say... and always at exactly the right moment.
but he took a bunch of pictures and then said he would go first so that we could see him.
and then i relaxed. he went like super slow. even with the wind whipping
so becky and i sat down.
and we went for it.
but then this giant mound of sand got on the front of my board.. and i stopped ha ha.
it wasn't too smooth of a ride. but i made it to the bottom in one piece.
and then we wanted to do it again...but that required a second climb.. so we made it about half way...slid down again.
and then we were done.
so we headed back to the car ... emptied our shoes... a few times ha ha
we got home and kim was still trying to make those puppets.
we ate some dinner and then she finally got the call she had been waiting for. the instructions on the construction of those puppets ha ha
so we spent the rest of the night making sun puppets for kids campers to learn "this little light of mine"
we love kim ha ha gosh i am going to miss her... even though she is always picking on me. it's ok because i have lots of dirt on her ha ha

this was our last night with them.
they head back to otjiwarongo tomorrow and then we are on our own in africa ha ha.

tomorrows adventures will include a taxi ride and dinner by ourselves on a tug boat.. and who knows what else.
guess you will just have to read and find out :)

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