Saturday, May 19, 2012

to the lovely ladies of bowie 5

January 1, 2011

i miss you all a lot.
i am going to write you a poem and let the whole world know that i am the luckiest ra in the whole entire world!

dear, beautiful ladies of bowie five
i just cannot seem to find my jive
because every time i look around
you all are no where to be found

i try and try to sing and dance
but i always end up in a trance
because dancing you see is just no fun
without my little sixteen rays of sun

and every time i come into my room
i am just overwhelmed with gloom
and then it sets in...the DOOM
because in my bed or in my chair
there is no one ever there

you girls are my heart and i am lost without you
and i won't see you for another week BOOOOOOO
but i had some things i wanted to say...just a few....

i am eternally grateful God brought you along
because every time i think about you i want to sing a song!
every day i am so blessed to call you friends
and believe me i never ever want that to end

you teach me so much and inspire me too
you bring me closer to jesus, that is so true.

so in this new year i am hoping to be
an even bigger and happier family!

all my love :)

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