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s i m p l i c i t y (20)

December 18, 2010

 oh. my. goodness.
it has been way too long.
i know you are thinking the same thing. and believe me....there is a lot to put in here. i have been trying to keep track.but i forgot like a zillion things about 3 months ago! accountability people...please! but then i suppose that's sort of a good thing because these are supposed to be cure-alls for bad the lack of them would therefore me good...however i really write them on really good days i sort of lied...but only sort of...ok
well i am just gonna write now!

#1 the avacados my parents bought me are amazing. seriously. they peel right out of the skin. it's like flawless and i love it. i also discovered a new yummmy meal idea. toasted whole wheat pita, avacado slices, and salsa. yup

#2 took mommy and daddy to chipoltle for the first time last night ha ha ha. i just love them. oh. did i mention i got chipoltle??

#3 last night i went to the play at my old little tiny school willow creek. they did their christmas play, dr. newheart. i played dr. newheart 11 years ago. so much fun to watch it ha ha. i also sat next to my lovely friend katie who had played the other lead with me all those years ago. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. oh. and after...her mom the music lady made us take the stage and perform it with lights and music and mics and alll..and no words ha ha. so much fun.

#4 i got to eat dinner with pastor b and lora and morg and kenz tonight and have so much fun laughing about the past! love them so much!

#5 toay was for us all. it's a christmas outreach my family does every year the saturday before christmas. we have been helping now for 15 years. when we started we took presents and gifts to 10 families. now...we help hunreds of families. it just wouldn't be christmas without it and it blesses me so much to be a part of it. i even got adopted as a little girls' sister today awwww

#6 when i got home, mommy had decorated everything and redid and reorganized my entire room! topped off with pink tree and disney princess lights. she is the best for sure.

#7 i have been pretty much ignoring every responsibility i have for like 3 days now and it feels wonderful.

#8 today i got to meet up with a dear friend who i met in lima, peru who lives just a little bit away from me! she finally brought my pictures that i left at her house like 4 years ago! fun fun fun! and random!

#9 tomorrow we are going to attempt to dig up the time capsul we burried years and years ago at new life church. i vowed that we would the next time pastor b and i were both in youngstown! well the day has come...he is dreading it...but we are going to find it. i mean it!

#10 i get to be a part of a brand new church. from the very beginning. i am so scared. and so stinkin' proud. i can't wait!

#11 so far break has been busy. i am about to start missing people....oh wait 3 minutes ago....boooo

#12 i got a b- in pastor church and law. now listen. i am not really proud of that...but considering how close i was to a c....that is so so wondeful! i was dreading getting my first c in my last year of college!

#13 speaking of which. i have one semester of college left! when did that even happppen! i cannot imagine life before or after cbc. but it's i think i better start! scarrrrrrry! but so so exciting!

#14 i love love love what i am called to do and what i get to do for the rest of my life. but really! mentor and love kids. ok. done. please an thank you.

#15 i didn't wear make-up today and it looked like i was :)

#16 i got to watch what not to wear the other day for like the first time in a zillion years!

#17 new life church in the morning. that also hasn't happened in forever! and i am going to get coffee from the cafe because i like it now! i wish i would have back in the day!

#18 my best friend te graduated from college today! i am so so so proud! and she is getting married in just a couple of weeks! cannot wait! yay!

#19 i have an entire drawer of christmas socks here. and i love it. i have worn a pair every day of break so far.

#20 can't wait to wear my traditional fleece pajamas on christmas eve. they are washed and ready!

#21 good news is i felt motivated to start doing work today and being productive. bad news...i didn't do any of it...but i mean that's a start...believe me.

#22 i had a super good hair day despite how badly it needs done.

#23 i am getting a new phone. a super fancy one that i do not know how to use. at all. but it's purple! yay

#24 my dady fixed the light in my yello closet that has been broken for years and years that i still pull every time i open it even though i always know it wont' work...but this time it did! also, he fixed my fran sinatra christmas ornament! yay frank sings again!

#25 i just love love love my big purple leather bag compliments of the watts family

#26 today i decided it's so sad that i never named my first car. i mean we were together a lot. and i just miss felicity a lot. so i decided if she would have had a name all along her name woul be evelyn. yes.

#27 i have decided to go to the balloon festival in new mexico on my 27 birthday.

that's all for now folks.
but hey it's christmas. i mean there should be plenty more where that came from!

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