Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (19)

October 4, 2010

so. today i caught myself being pretty grumbly bumbly and well that is so not ok. especially not this week.
so of course i am going to write a simplicty note..because after all they were invented for days just like these!

#1 today i baked six dozen cupcakes. chocolate AND strawberry. they were stacked 3 high in staci's fridge. i didn't even lick the bowl once...the pink was really pretty though and i really wanted to eat it! tommorrow...i get to bake more cupcakes!

#2 i wore my huge bright yellow canary diamond ring today. fake of course...but super sparkly!

#3 the test that i was convinced i was going to really wasn't that all...

#4 we had our annual class picnic today! the last am part of the best class of all times!

#5 yesterday i carved a pumpkin...i carved a sunshine in it...and i did it with two of my very bestest friends!

#6 on saturday i ate banana chips with real almond butter that you watch turn into butter from nuts in a cool machine! and i found my apple chips that i love love love and i didn't know i could get anywhere but at home!! and i walked around downtown with a sweatshirt and jeans and it was just perfect! and we went to this really cool music store that looked like the music store from stranger than fiction!

#7 i have been reading lots of books by monks and catholic people lately and i really love them a lot.

#8 i actually got a lot of homework done this week....

#9 today i wore my favorite barrette in the whole world! my limegreen poodle!!

#10 my room smells like a big fat sugar cookie!

#11 i am pretty sure i got called ignorant and uneducated by an important person...but it sort of just made me laugh and it made the rebel in me come out. so from now on...whenever people ask me how i am...i will answer with anything BUT the word well. yes, i know that the proper and educated response is well...but nope....i won't buy into that stuff. super, amazing, wonderful, fantabulous...they all work just the same if not better if you ask me!

#12 i got to talk to my mommy for a long time today and that hasn't happened in a long time. and i get to go home in a week!

#13 i got my first birthday card today from my grandma and it had 22 dollars because i am turning 22!

#14 there are 3 packages in the mail room for me! woa! i don't even know what that could be!

#15 i gave someone pretty flowers today! that makes me even happier than getting pretty flowers!

#16 i danced in a room with all of my favoritest ra ladies for a was pretty fun.

#17 i found 17 wonderful things about THIS day and that is my favorite number. so i am going to stop.

#18 i lied. staci loves funny cookie jars too and we discovered today that we have both been on a quest for crazy strange cookie jars our whole life!

#19 i found someone else who hates when people's hoods are inside out! by the way...i got to fix two hoods today and my own! that is a good day! job security is around the corner...hoodie season is in full swing!

#20 i watched peter pan with real it!

#21 i tried peach chipoltle salsa. it's not that good but the jar is pretty and it was a fun adventure!
go go go you think of happy things now!

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