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internship insider: r e t r o s p e c t

August 10, 2010

Funny facts about this summer…

I discovered one of the many perks of living alone…
I survived an entire summer on:
1 tube of toothpaste
1 bottle of laundry detergent
1 box of zip lock baggies one bottle of ketchup and mustard
1 giant bag of frozen chicken
1 bottle of fabreze
1 bulk package of toilet paper
1 fraction of a box of cu-tips (this is impressive because I really like to use cu-tips A LOT)

I realized that every morning when I came to a stop at the intersection of Illinois and Almond, I was ironically eating almonds or something with almonds in it…

My first week here I noticed a shoe lying in the middle of Route 30. I am pleased to say that as I drove to church on the final day of my internship, the shoe was still there.

I still really want to stop and sit under my favorite tree in the world. I am running out of time. I NEED to do it. But I may have to risk my life for it. I really like that tree…I think I am in fact willing to risk my life for it.

I am going back to school pretty much with exactly what I brought…except for a box that I filled with stuff for my hall. But it was all on clearance…I couldn’t help myself! I suckered all of these poor wonderful girls onto the fifth floor; I have got to deliver ha ha

I have done pilates with Mari Windsor practically every day this summer. I could quote her dvd almost as well as I can quote Baby Mama. ALMOST

I got a town addicted to Dutch Blitz. Just leaving a mark wherever I go you know.

Each and every time I light candles to cuddle up and watch a movie, I wonder if it’s a bad thing how much I enjoy lighting matches and smelling the smoke that lingers in the air after I blow them out…

As of this moment, I have watched 82 and ½ movies. Which ones you ask…no worries, I made a list…and yes I am about to share it with you now.

1. Dear John
2. CoCo before Chanel
3. The September Issue
4. The Lovely Bones
5. Up in the Air
6. Alice in Wonderland
7. An Education
8. Ratatouille
9. Pretty in Pink
10. My Fair Lady
11. The King and I
12. Baby Mamma (2x)
13. Kit Kittredge
14. Night at the Museum
15. Night at the Museum 2
16. The Game Plan
17. Never Been Kissed
18. Finding Neverland
19. Summer Magic
20. High Society
21. Pride and Prejudice (3x)
22. Maid of Honor
23. Princess Diaries
24. Hope Floats
25. Two Weeks Notice
26. The Box
27. Robots
28. Toy Story 3 (2x)
29. Prince of Persia
30. A Bug’s Life
31. Kung Fu Panda (2x)
32. Up
33. Daddy Day Care
34. Monsters INC.
35. Racing Stripes
36. The Time Traveler’s Wife
37. The Incredibles
38. The Cat in the Hat
39. The Devil Wears Prada (2x)
40. The Truman Show
41. Madagascar 2
42. Leap Year
43. No Reservations
44. Where the Heart is
45. Open Season
46. Shag
47. Knight and Day
48. The Holiday (3x)
49. Everybody’s Fine
50. Valentine’s Day
51. Georgia O’Keefe
52. Horton Hears a Who
53. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
54. Young Victoria
55. Sweet Home Alabama
56. Remember Me
57. According to Greta
58. Rent
59. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
60. Peter Pan
61. Revolutionary Road
62. The Last Air Bender
63. Enchanted
64. Music and Lyrics
65. Hachi
66. Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past
67. Fools Rush In
68. Kate and Leopold
69. Paper Heart
70. Sleepless in Seattle
71. Did you Hear about the Morgans?
72. 21
73. Phantom of the Opera
74. The Proposal
75. Julie and Julia (2x)
76. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
77. Coraline
78. Bench Warmers
79. Nights in Rodanthia
80. Tyler Perry Media’s Class Reunion
81. Under the Tuscan Sun
82. The Pursuit of Happiness
83. My Sister’s Keeper

*if you count the ones that I watched more than once, that would make 91…my record was 100 so I am slightly disappointed in myself. ...

I just watched Under the Tuscan Sun. I feel like I can do anything. Anything in the whole entire world! First order of business…dance in my dining room, do a few cartwheels and then drive to McDonalds for an ice cream cone!

Ok anyways…now the real scoop on this internship thing.

My parents will be here tomorrow in downtown Chicago.

I feel like I have been away from years, but at the same time I feel like I just left Missouri a couple of weeks ago…that’s sort of how life in general feels to me lately.


That is the best word I can think of to describe it. Sometimes I feel like I am just standing around watching my life happen…because it just goes so fast! But in a good way…really.

I did a lot of growing this summer. I almost feel like I am going back to school a completely different person. I feel stronger and freer and way more able to just embrace life as it comes.

Life is good. It’s really really good and that has nothing to do with circumstances. I mean….I didn’t particularly love this season, especially at first. But I did learn to embrace it and enjoy it and make the very best of it. I think I may have already known how to do that…but it was a great reminder.

I really actually sort of kind of…get ready for this…are you sitting down? I really like being alone sometimes.
I NEVER EVER in a ZILLION years thought I would say that.
But it’s true.

This year is going to be about developing quality relationships with people. I have such wonderful people that God has surrounded me with…I just want to make sure that I am never ever taking any of it for granted. I think sometimes I think the best thing for me to do to show people I love them is to always be around the and to drop everything to spend time with them…but I think I have a new perspective on that this summer.
Maybe if I would just spend a couple hours a day focusing and getting things accomplished alone, I could have all of my attention and energy to pour into people when they needed me. Instead of them getting a few hours of part of my attention, they could have one really quality hour of focused time with me. I think my time and relationships might be a lot more effective.
I think it’s at least worth a try.

Anyways…life is grand.
I made a lot of fabulously wonderful friends…friends wonderful enough to inspire me to drive through this little town as often as I can find a semi-good reason to do so!
I have made such wonderful memories this past week…it doesn’t even feel like I am leaving….
Like I said

It’s been an interesting summer.
To say the least.

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