Saturday, May 19, 2012

perfect places really do exist...

July 22, 2010

perfect places really do exist...sometimes they are just hard to find.

sometimes it's not even that they are hard to find. sometimes they are right in front of you all along you just refuse to admit it because it's not exactly where you want to be...

but that does not mean it's not perfect.

for example...

this grove of trees right down the street from where i live here in aurora, il. (they have been featured before in the album jane austen day that i put up not too long ago)
but they are so perfect that they sort of deserve their own recognition.

in the middle of a busy midwestern street and nestled between a fire station and a skate park there is this absolutely flawlessy perfect grove of trees. the sunlight shines through their glittering green foilage in all the right places to make the grass flicker and sway and sparkle ever so slightly too.

and this pond...nothing more than a retention pond sits right behind it and when you are walking through this gorgeous green canopy you can see it start to sparkle and stand out against all of the green.

and of course there is this wonderful wild grass with amazing little flowers all mixed in that sways against the blue and separates the two and usually a little family of geese will trot along it and zig zag in between the trees.
and somehow even though you know you are right smack in the middle of the city...all of the car horns and sirens and skateboard wheels just disappear and you are in this perfect place.
for reading or thinking or napping...
at any rate it is just perfect.

it's hard to see...but it's there.

sort of like this summer.

when i first got here it seemed perfect. i was finally going to have room to breathe and relax and SLEEP.

but then it was hard...and lonely...sometimes just boring and sad.
i wasn't sure i liked it anymore...but i was sure that God had brought me here and that this was a season in my life that he needed me to be in whether or not i liked it.
thankfully i am usually pretty good at embracing things and making the best of them...
and in this case i am so glad i did.
because 11 weeks later i can finally see that i am in a perfect place
a perfect season.
this is exactly where he needed me to be.
i love those trees and my house and my roommate and my church and these people...
it'st just all so beautiful and i am only sorry that i couldn't make myself see how perfect it really was from the very beginning
especially now that it is almost time for me to leave.

i am just so glad i discovered it with a little time left to enjoy all that i can of this perfect place that he has brought me to in this perfect season of life.

thankfully my version of perfect and his are two very different things...
and in my experience...i am sticking with his version.

look around...i bet you are in a perfect place too :)

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