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Hollywood ain't got nothin' on me!

July 9, 2010

I would like to start out by saying, if you were tagged in this note, then there is indeed something in this note that ACTUALLY involves you. It was not just a ploy to get you to read it, I actually refer to you or have written about you in this note. Therefore, since you are in it, it is worth your time to read.

I tried to get you all in here somehow whether it's a picture or a memory but most of you just probably fit under a lot of them :)

Now that we have cleared that up…

I was rather disappointed yesterday to see that the redbox had no new releases. That is such a letdown considering that they guarantee new releases every Tuesday. I even waited until Wednesday…I gave them an extra day…

Now don’t judge me…I mean I didn’t purposely wait…actually I caught a random case of strep throat on Tuesday that settled along with a 103 degree fever…I don’t know where that came from…but leave it to me to catch strep throat in the middle of july.

Anyways…the point is that redbox had no new releases…however they did have Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 which I had never seen. So I rented it. Decided to put it in the other night and watch it while I fell asleep.

I had no idea that it would completely change my perspective on pretty much everything.

It’s kind of like the street you live on. You can drive down it a zillion times and pass the same houses and the same cars and never really see them. And one day, you’ll be driving and when you look up you aren’t even sure you are on the right street anymore because it’s like you have never even seen them…

So I am watching this movie that is making me smile from ear to ear. I mean it has essentially every element that a girl could want in a good chick flick and in life really….

Beautiful, stylish girls, who have crazy adventurous lives, travel the world, fall in love, and come home to friends that are much more like sisters. Friends who travel the world over to be there for each other and who fight with all of their might to keep silly traditions alive. It’s such a lovely idea and of course Hollywood makes a fortune off of it because well that is what every girl wants out of life.

But when the credits were rolling, I was smiling for a much better reason than the effects of a sappy Hollywood chick flick…I was grinning and laughing out loud because I realized that I have that in real life!

But really!

I have had amazing opportunities to see all sorts of places in the world… Mexico and Peru and even Africa…
I have an incredible family who loves me and remembers the silliest little things and sends me packages just because.
I know what it’s like to be in love…

but mostly because I have friends like that!

Friends who will drag me out of bed when I want to stay there the most and make me eat a 500 calorie dish of cold stone ice cream and dance until I cannot stop laughing or even stand up from the floor.

Friends who will rack up ridiculously high cell phone bills to talk to me from out of the country just because they know that I am lonely and they just NEED to tell me their test scores.

Friends who will save their money all summer long and even have garage sales so that they can drive ½ ways across the country 20-something hours just to spend 2 days with me!

Friends who will drop everything, buy me some chocolate milk and drive me out to their favorite lake so that we can just sit on the edge of a rock with our feet in the water crying and chugging our chocolate milk while trying to make sense of the world.

Friends who feel so passionately about the same things and who call just at the right moments to remind me how much they love me and to never give up on that calling and that dream.

Friends who will answer their phones every time and hear me out every time no matter how many times i cry and complain about the same old things

Friends who seem to give and give and give so much so that you can't remember if they are friends are family just aren't even sure what to call them!

Friends who missed youth group to sit with me in the bathroom and tell me that I was way too good for that silly boy anyways and that prince charming is still out there…and then years later invite me to stand at the altar while she says yes to the guy who is just maybe ALMOST good enough for her

Friends who will skip out on time with their boyfriend just before they will be separated for the summer to go on a date with me and eat until we puke…or her anyways…or who drag me into silly schemes and convince me to stay up all night long for months on end.

Friends who call me in the middle of the night and give me the honor of sitting with them and letting them cry on my shoulder and who leave the most encouraging notes under my door at just the right moments.

Friends who watch as I attempt to climb out of second story windows ready to document the first exciting thing that happens…or call for help.

Friends who will just get in the car and drive with me to no particular place…just for the sake of driving and being together.

Friends who will stand for hours to make sure that my hair is the best looking due at the party and that every pin is perfectly in place.

Friends who never change no matter how many weeks and months pass between seeing each other. We will laugh just as hard about the same old things at the same old places every time we meet up.

Friends I can text at random moments because the silliest thing reminded me of the silliest memory that I cannot even put into words but somehow I just know they will know exactly what I am talking about.

Friends who lie to me about my birthday and sneak around to surprise me with an African/pink themed party.

Friends who never fail to send the sappiest, sweetest cards every single year and who have even dedicated class writing assignments to me!

Friends who run alongside me and sometimes literally push me to run harder and who laugh hysterically with me while we hide out under some strangers roof from a hail storm.

Friends who take cover as I cry and literally turn my room upside down and then watch me put it back together again…and are still there in the morning to make sure that I don’t go to class.

All of those silly, amazing, movie-like moments have actually happened to me! I have friends like that! No one, not even Hollywood could possibly write some of the amazing things that I have shared between dear friends. I am so very blessed!

Yesterday was so liberating for me. Realizing that I don’t have to get lost in sappy romantic chick flicks or dream my life away because I am living one so much better!

I was literally doing cartwheels in my dining room and laughing out loud as I was driving down the road.

Hollywood ain’t got nothin’ on me!

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