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July 4, 2010

i think it's been quite some time....not that you have minded. but for my own sake, i am going to update you anyways.

my movie watching list is now approaching 60. i know...
but i finally got some great reading in the mail from my mommy the other day and so i have shifted into non-stop reading's nice to read things that i made me forget that reading could be fun...did i say that? i feel guilty saying things like that because i go to bible college. but it's not WHAT i am reading, just how MUCH i am reading...that's wat i mean. honest.

anyways. now for a quick update.

since camp...well life in illinois is pretty back to normal.
i have been learning so so sooooooooooo much and really starting to embrace the alone time. it has been the most challenging aspect of all of this by far, but the best part at the same time!
it's like reliving my childhood...i mean i spent my whole life playing alone and entertaining myself, i suppose i have just been spoiled the past couple of years with lots of wonderful people surrounding me 24/7 ha ha

i have learned so much about life and ministry and being a grown up...just a lot all around.
it's been strange staying stationary for the moving around or traveling. but sort of nice

i went to a fourth of july picnic yesterday and it was so nice to feel like part of a church again. swimming and sunshine and all sorts of picnic-y food. it was really refreshing!

the other day i had jane austen day.
i was going to go to the zoo. that was the plan and it is still to come...but i just felt like veging. so i woke up and watched pride and prejudice. AGAIN. i then proceeded to put on a pretty sundress. then i found a fun park with lots of pretty trees and laid under them and read mansfield park. then i headed home, made myself dinner, and watched sense and sensibility.
it was ok
pride and prejudice is for sure still my favorite. i just think it's because i had already seen all the actors in sense and sensibility in so many other modern day took away from it for me...anyways now i have watched it...
and in a little while jane austen day 2 will happen. more reading under my pretty trees, becoming jane, clueless (based off of emma) and mansfield park.
i wanted to read under my favorite tree.
it's true.
i have a favorite.

it sits right along orchard road. it stands alone right on the edge of a giant corn field. big and shady and perfect against the clear blue sky! i keep wanting to sit under it, but i am going to have to go before sunrise it being a pretty busy road and all. but i will be stopping!

i have been experiementing with dinners lately.
i got some pita the other day! finally!
i have made tuna cheese metls, chicken and cheese and slasa melts, and peanut butter-honey-banana melts! not too shabby ehh? (that was for you tiffy )

been spending lots of time with mac and morg. we have officially opened the dino-licious snack stand, made goop and survived a few wal-mart trips together.

we walked in the parade yesterday to promote our day camp. high seas expedition...we were so the coolest! our amazing boat float that we built....our lifesaver gummies from the wrigley factory in yorkville and our tatoos! ya.
we do not mess around about day camp.

the other day there were these gorgeous orange flowers on the side of the i decided to pull over and take pictures of them. it was so worth it!

oh and last sunday bil the duck came back! WHAT!? it was like being a little kid all over again!

i NEED to go on a missions trip! like asap.
i don't even know when or how that's possible...but i NEED to!

that was just a side note.

relaxing today with the family.

that's all for now!

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