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s i m p l i c i t y (6)

August 9, 2009

so it's been a few days, but i am starting to notice something. now i find myself looking for fun moments and silly things to write in my notes :) i would say it's safe to say that i am officially searching for the good and making sure i find some so that i can ensure the continuation of my facebook notes.

tonight i saw julie and julia and so my blogging inspiration is at an all time high.

here's what i have for you today :)

1. on thursday i spent the day with the madigan girls again. they are these beautiful and super duper fun and intelligent girls from guatemala. and their parents are equally amazing. well they share my love...ok obsession for junior bible quiz and jolie is my partner in crime. so on thursday, i read the questions for her and she got her impossible seal too! so now our summer goals are accomplished. oh and we painted on the deck all day! and i had this really amazing yogurt for lunch it was apple cinnamon with apples and cinnamon at the bottom. i had never had yogurt with fruit on the bottom... but i highly recommend it.

2. thursday night i sat at caribu with collin and killed him at every single game of cards that we played. every one, every time.

3. i got to spend all weekend with aunt donna and uncle jack. they aren't really my aunt and uncle, they are just those people that are so cool and so fun that we wish we were related to them so we decided to pretend that we are and tell everyone that we are.
and the best part is, i get to be one of those aunts to little zechariah!
i think it's maybe our way of ensuring that we never let those people go. there is something about the title that obligates us to always work it out. i'm glad about that.

4. saturday i bought more canvas and i painted more pictures... but for other people! i just love it so much and i have filled all of the walls in my dorm room i am pretty sure, so i decided to pass along my love of art :)
and i finally found something to do with these two plastic cd protector things i kept saving! yay

5. i got to see a bunch of my friends from high school on saturday night. we just sat around at a coffee shop enjoying the one semi nice weekend this summer and talking about how old we are. it's amazing really.

6. today was my last sunday as the childrens leader at arctic rush kids church :( we made cake and ate cake and donut holes and kool-aid and candy bars...oh it was a good time! and the church... this amazing baby church prayed over me and blessed me more than i could have ever imagined. i was just so honored to have had the opportunity. to give back to some really amazing people who poured into me for so long. wow.

7. this morning for breakfast i had white chocolate strawberry yogurt with pecans in it and a banana. yum.

8. i painted more today! my last canvas! (for now)

9. i got almost all of my boxes packed to ship out tomorrow.. which means cbc is soooooooo close i can feel it!

10. i saw julie and julia tonight. i never ever ever ever pay full price for a movie considering that we have a theater here where you can potentially see the same movies for 50 cents if you are willing to wait... but i treated myself. it was kind of long but such a fun movie.
i was inspired.
i wish i lived in the 1930's i think i would have fit in better there.
but this woman who was equally or quite possibly more eccentric (peer counseling right there) was super successful and just full of love and life and joy. i want to be like her.
and i was even inspired to cook a little more. gosh i am really really terrible at it... but i just might try a littttle harder.

11. when i wrote the title for this blog i remembered that i had wanted to number them in roman numerals. and then i was reminded of the time i discovered how to make roman numerals on the computer. it was just another morning in mr. shears spanish 4 class and we were doing these projects and i had to type one of them up and part of the title required a roman numeral. and i stared at the key board for a while.
i had never faced this before.
and then it hit me.
the roman numerals are just letters!
ha ha ha
i hope that you enjoyed that as much as i did :)

12. i get to see my cbc family in 5...count them 5 days!!!!

13. i got to ride in a convertible tonight with the top down and lay back and look at the stars and feel the wind in my hair and listen to the crickets chirp. the only thing that would have made it any better was africa... ha ha

14. i used to think that i lived in a fairly large town. but now everywhere i go i see at least 2 people i know and i am beginning to realize and accept. i am a small town girl.. thankfully not living in a lonely world!!! ha ha ha

15. i found this cool dinosaur carved out of rock the other day with a hole already in it! and i turned it into a necklace and rocked it today!

alright all.
it's time for bed.
a little more packing and then shipping along tomorrow!
keep searching. the beautiful is all around you, you just have to be willing and determined to see it :)
smile just a little bit bigger today....

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