Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (5)

August 5, 2009

hmmm the last few days....

1. on sunday we had my family over to look through all of my african pictures... and we had mexican. like an entire themed meal with fajitas and chips and slasa and all... to look at pictures of africa... oh the irony. gotta love my family :)

2. on monday i finished the jungle! i have been reading that book since my sr. year of high school. no joke. i do not recommend it... although it has quite a bit on socialism if you are looking to read up on the current direction of our country ha ha ha

3. i have been studying junior bible quiz questions with my dad all week and thoroughly enjoying annoying him while begging to study in every free moment. that is what i call pay back for all those years he did the same to me ha ha

4. at kids church on sunday we made gumball machines and filled them with m&m's that were the salvation colors so that they could tell their friends about jesus while eating candy! it doesn't get any better than that...jesus and candy!!!!!!

5. monday i went to the orthodontist and after a year of a headgear... that pallet expander and 5 years of braces and now 6 of faithfully wearing my retainers... my teeth are still perfect :)

6. the jewelery store successfully combined my all time favorite necklace with the one that i got in africa and it is even more amazing now! oh and the charm is made out of elephant hair!

7. i spent all day yesterday with sarah one of my favorite little girls ever! we ate panera and played in the park and then painted outside alll day long! it was wonderful and now my dorm room will look alive :)
and i got to hear all about camp and her life and how she got called to africa this summer!!!!!!

8. today i got my impossible seal for junior bible quiz! all 576 questions at cut off... gosh it was hard. but jesus helped me out as usual. and i got to eat lunch with jolie and live and wendy!

9. tonight i get to hang out with brandi!!!!!!!!!

how about you guys????

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