Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (4)

August 1, 2009

so it's been a few days due to my random facebook sabbatical.
but no worries, i have been racking up lots of wonderful moments over the last few days to share with you!

1. on tuesday, jess and tiff came late to get me for fusion... so i walked around in the rain and i took pictures of all the pretty flowers around our house!

2. i got to spend the last few days hanging out with my parents... shopping and eating and watching movies and having some good heart to hearts.

3. today in my kitchen there was a water droplet that was shaped like africa! i know i can find africa in anything... but really i posted it on here for proof.

4. last night i watched say yes to the dress and looked up the same dresses online for like way less than they try to sell them there... and laughed at girls who spent like their entire life savings on a dress for one day.... silly girls.

4. i found a bunch of items today at target that were made out of recycled items and i got tiffany an amazing hippie present from one hippie to another... and she got me my african animan magnets!

5. i bought dr. seus magnets today!

6. tonight i sat around with friends playing super nintendo and eating handles ice cream... cookie dough AND strawberry. it was a perfect rainy august evening. and then i had to move my car and i ran all the way down the wet street and through the grass in my bare feet!
now that is a summer moment!

7. i ate almost a whole container of grapes with emily at her apartment yesterday! and i finally saw the end of finding neverland... em and i started watching it my sr. year and never finished and she said to not finish without her... so i never did.. even though i own the movie! so we finally finished it together and she made us dinner and we ate in her house like real grown ups!

8. i am only 20 pages away from the completion of the jungle. i can't tell you what the last 30 pages said... but i read every word and that's all that matters. i just have to finish... i have to ha ha ha

9. on my way home tonight the waltz from the princess diaries came on my ipod... and i couldn't bare to cut it off so i drove around my neighborhood with all the windows down blaring the princess diaries waltz!

10. i sang all of "my savior lives" in harmony!

11. i cleaned my whole room! i meant to just straighten up. i was trying to let myself keep it messy since i am about to pack up anyways... but i couldn't take it anymore and i put everything away. everything.

13. i am sitting in my living room putting the final touches on arctic rush kids church for tomorrow with a giant glass of lemonade :)

* i just edited this note and wanted to put something between 3 and 4 but there are now two 4's because i forgot to renumber... this is the second time in 4 notes that this has happened. but once again i left it for your enjoyment.

well God is good and so i am sure that there is so much more beauty hidden in every day and you can be sure i'll bring a little bit of it to you :)

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