Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (22)

June 29, 2010

hmmmm. um this simplicity note is like a lifetime overdue. like i know that i need to write one about a zillion times a day and i just avoid it.
but this is where i draw the line.
embrace life...don't just face it....i feel like i have heard that before somewhere...

#1 today i picked lilies by a pond at our beautiful, old library. the pretty orange ones that grow all over the place during the summer. i think that may have been illegal...but collin had this brilliant idea that we would put them in water in our empty starbucks cup and sneak them we did! anyways. best part of this...i forgot that lilies close up at night! i mean they are day that makes sense...but i forgot. and i was amazed all over again at how amazing God is!!!

#2 today i had chipotle AND a mocha coconut iced coffee!!! yummo

#3 the sun was shining today! i even got a little sunburn on my shoulders and it felt wonderful!!!

#4 i sat on the deck today and wrote letters in the sunshine while my mommy sat in her rocking chair. it was lovely :)

#5 um today i realized just how much my bowie 5 girls changed my life. i mean i knew it all along. but i just thought about it all afternoon while i sat in the sunshine and every single one of them...for real. i can't imagine life without them and well i just won't do life without i am just so thankful that jesus gave me 16 beautiful sisters...and even more than that if you count all of them on other floors! and people think i am an only child ha ha

#6 tonight mommy and i had a very colorful dinner. corn on the cob, chicken, and cucumber salad (that also has tomatoes so there is red too!) it was just like confetti...yummy summer dinner!!

#7 i wrote like 13 pages in my journal today. i could barely write a page at a time for months...i still got it!

#8 jergins natural glow lotion actually stinkin works. i mean who knew i was such a skeptic!

#9 is saving my life on airline tickets.

#10 i ate indian food at bombay star last week. it was soo yummy and the guy gave me free indian ice cream and i didn't even ask for it!!!

#11 um my quiz team won nationals!!!

#12 my aunt has bought me two amazing umbrellas AND i found and own the most adorable rain coat in the world. like for real though.seattle natives will be so jealous.

#13 i smell like sunshine.

#14 i am on a shopping fast. for a month. wait...that does not belong on this list. not. at. all.

#15 now i have a queen sized bed in my room. it's glorious. i always told myself i didn't care...but i don't know how i will ever go back...oh wait. i will move into a box of an apartment and have no choice :)

#16 i am moving to seattle in like 40ish days. WHAT!!!???

#17 i am going to survive this summer. i am.

#18 i have yet to use my favorite hot pink nail polish this summer! something wonderful to look forward too!

#19 meeting with my girlies on friday. one of the highlights of my week and my life :)

#20 i have gone through so much of my stuff and got rid of so much and i am so looking forward to living a very minimalistic life! clean clean and fresh!

#21 i get to decorate an apartment! yay!

#22 so i bought these all natural lemon cookies at trader joes last month...and first of all i still have them! because...seriously just one is enough to get the taste and the flavor and walk away!

#23 i went to tj max today and found a zillion shirts that i loved and got nothing! i left my bag in the car! i didn't even buy anything at the mall of america! wow wow wow... i am almost healed of being a shopaholic! almost!

#24 i am pretty sure that i have quoted the love chapter about 11 zillion times this summer...what i still hate is that patience comes first. it's like i fail every time before i even get started lol. i was trying to work on one at a time...but i had to start going out of order or else it was going to take forever.

#25 so i found out that running really does relieve anger ha ha. i mean i never believed those people. but it really does. especially running with israel! i can run for 20 minutes straight now...which i know is lame but i mean that is pretty intense for me!

mk well :) remember to find lovely things in your life no matter how un-lovely it seems :)

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