Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y 23 (in honor of being almost 23)

September 15, 2011

hmm. where to start?
i think i'll just get to the list...

#1 this is my first simplicity note written in seattle. so that's a petty stinkin' big deal. 

#2 i think it is no accident that this just happens to be simplicity note #23 right before my 23 birthday!

#3 i am so excited to be almost 23 because i am not a fan of the number 22. i actually love the number 23 much more and so i have been just telling people that i am 23 so much that i forget when i actually have to write it down how old i really am. whooops. 

#4 I LIVE IN SEATTTTTTTTTTTLE! in an apartment in the city with a balcony and a really pretty kitchen! 

#5 the name of the apartment building that i live in is called velo. whatever you say..NOT WHATEVER! i asked the lady what it meant and she said it's french for bicycle. yes please. 

#6 i have glasses in my cupboard that are super talll and they have merry-go-round animals on them...a girraffe, a lion, a tiger...and i forget the last one because i only ever use the giraffe one. and btw can i just add how i think the word merry-go-round should be spelled....merrigoround. there. now ya know what i think about that. 

#7 yesterday i wore a tie dye shirt and an oversized cardigan and old worn out jeans and my purple glasses. then i put in my ipod and walked through the city listening to tangled. it was a great moment in my life...

#8 today i got a gym membership! and now i can work out again!!!! yay yay yay 

#9 last week i went to canada. it was pun intended. but really NO PUN INTENDED. i got a nasty sunburn! grrrrrr canada.

#10 there are really pretty flowers that are real in our house right now that we got at a market :)
#11 last week i got a book shelf for only $2 and painted it a pretty green color. i still need to decorate it but i really love it. 

#12 we went to a little sale for our neighbor who is moving...and we got a pasta spoon that looks like a dinosaur. it's sort of hard to will just have to come eat pasta with us and see :)

#13 tonight i talked to tifffffffffy!!!!!!!!!!!!

#14 i am almost officially a nanny. i am pretty excited about it. 

#15 had some yummy nummy pumpkin spice lattes last week!!! 

#16 today it was actually gray and rainy in seattle! i's going to be hard for me to not want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and books every day....but not today. i put on sweat pants and watched under the tuscan sun AND the holiday. whoops. 

#17 i did a lot of big girl grown up things today. 

#18 IT"S ALMOST THE BEST DAY EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (t-minus 1-ish days till september 17!!!)

#19 so facebook does that cool little thing now where it shows you what you said in years past on the side of the screen. both my status and the ramos family statuses were about me coming over for dinner on this day last year. it made me sad...but then i remembered how much i loved them and missed them....AND how lucky i am to claim family or "fake" family everywhere that i go. but for real. 

#20 the bible has been rechanging my life lately. i love that it can always do that

#21 there is an ice cream shop here called blue bird. i am going to try it. and love it. 

#22 there is an extreme hippie community happening in the woods across from where we live i am pretty sure. it's the strangest thing too...because they go into the woods...but you think they are normal people just going to their cars down there...but they aren't ha ha. but they have cars and they dress normally....but i think they live in the woods. hmm. 

#23 we have already had two transit meetings!!!!! and there are only 2 more until we officially start...if that makes any sense. but God is just working here like crazy and we are so excited to see what he has in store!

#24i really love my mommy. and i really miss my daddy a lot...and i let myself today. 

#25 the sunset is like amazingly perfect almost every night over the mountains and we can watch it from the giant wall of windows in our living room. it's wonderful. 

#26 when i roll over at night, i can see lots of sparkling from my window. it's the skyline. this is cool to me...because the same thing would happen from my bowie five window...they looked like lots of stars...but they were just street lights and houses and such...

#28 i bet there are going to be a lot of mistakes in this...because for some reason auto correct isn't on right now. 

#29 tonight i attempted to do a technological thing all alone....3 times. it didn't work even though i tried over and over again. i am just proud of myself for doing it on my own. 

#30 my sheets are super interestingly soft. it's sort of hard to describe them...but i really look forward to crawling into them every night. i can tell you that much. 

#41 so. i live within walking distance of a forever 21, h&m, urban outfitters, anthropologie, old navy, banana republic, a zillion amazing coffee shops, an amazing glass library, the space needle....basically just a lot of super cool things. notice that i put all of the shopping first...

#31....why in the world did i just skip from 30-41...the world may never know....but i have accepted a new word to describe myself from none other than joshua watts. flighty. now at first i was slightly offended....but i am finding that if i am wiling to be honest with myself. it's actually pretty it seems appropriate to use here. 

#32 in canada there was a super adorable little cupcake shop. i want to live there. 

#43 ok i will admit. i just went back and added this so i could say one more thing and still have 33 be the least i am honest. i just thought it was important for me to note that i also love the fact that i am living in the really cool place AND getting to do life with some of my dearest closest most amazing friends. and my whole life is spent helping people love jesus! wow. so lucky

#33 this is my friend emily's favorite number. she is one of my all time favorite friends in all of history. she doesn't have facebook anymore so she won't see that i said this about her. but i am going to stop on 33 just for her and in honor of her because i love her and because 33 always makes me think of her :)

keep enjoying the simple things in your life...PLEASE! and hunt them down if you have to! i promise it will change everything :)

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