Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (21)

February 24, 2011

truly it has been way too long...but then again i say that every time :)
it's just been one of those weeks...time to start looking for the simple things...actually like hard core searching/remembering them...ha ha

#1 today i woke up to the sound of thunder and rain outside my window. the breeze was just cool enough to make me bundle up in my blankets a little more. and the best part...i have all afternoon to sit around in my sweats and enjoy it :)

#2 i went to put something in my wallet today...and realized i didn't have it because i haven't used it for anything this i tried to think of everywhere that i had gone...and then i remembered going to wal-mart and so i called them...and well they have it at the front desk. what a nice thing of jesus to do :)

#3 my bamboo plant is getting very tall :)

#4 so i got these sweat pants on my trip to peru with brio and they didn't used to really fit me...but now they are perfect and i love them and they are becoming one of my new favorite items of clothing.i am wearing them right now in fact :)

#5 yesterday i wore a shirt with giraffes on it. now the reason this is so cool...well there are several. allow me to explain. first of all, i am trying to "grow up my style" meaning to put all of my fun, bright colored, kid like things into clothing that is more grown over christmas break i found this gray shirt in charlotte ruse with a small print all over it and the print was giraffes. not to mention it was only $5 AND i had a pair of earrings i had bought at a thrift store for a quarter that matched perfectly :)

#6 today i wore hot pink tights to chapel. best part...they were on sale for $1.50 at old navy!

#7 i love the hoodie from leadership retreat this year. i wear it a lot more than i should probably admit...even more than my hand print sweatshirt...GASP!

#8 this past weekend i went on a retreat to branson with the loveliest ladies from cbc ever! much fun was had!

#9 last night i accidentally stayed up until 2:30am hanging out with girls on my hall and laughing really really hard. the exhaustion is way worth it :)

#10 yesterday my mommy told me that i am just like my daddy because i am impatient and i want people to talk about how they feel all the made me really happy ha ha

#11 i graduate from college in less than 9 weeks...WOA

#12 yesterday i paid the last money that i will ever owe to central bible college...EVER...except a few library fines that i will probably collect between now and then...but we just won't count those...

#13 i have been using this lotion lately...blushing cherry blossom...and every time i do it makes me think of my spring impact trip to LA and it just makes me smile because i think i loved that trip so much more than i remember.

#14 i love juice and i have been drinking a LOT of it lately...including grape spills thus far :)

#15 my mommy sent me a bracelet with 1 corinthians 13 engraved on it for valentines day...and avacados! has your mom ever sent you avacados in the mail...ya i didn't think so.

#16 my dear friend tiffy taught me how to wrap my hair in a dorag (i have no idea how to spell that) and she got me my own hot pink one :)

#17 i celaned my room today...i know that sounds strange but it was lovely and totally refreshing!

#18 they got us new vacuums in bowie! we have a really pretty blue and green one with our floor on it! i had so much fun vacuuming with it...when i do that whole wedding registry thing...that might just be my favorite thing to pick out!

#19 there is lots of sunshine coming in my window right now...but it's still raining! i love it!

#20 i like allll of my clothes right now. getting dressed in the morning is not hard because i feel like i have nothing to's hard because i feel like i want to wear everything i see! that's such a good feeeeling! i mean so good that i have had to break some of my very strict clothing rules to wear them!

#21 i got new shampoo and conditioner! i love picking out new shampoo and conditioner a lot. herbal essences...the purple kind called taustle me softly and it's lavender and pomegranite...YUM

#22 it's almost saturday!

#23 umm ummmmm jesus is so very very wonderful. i needed to have a number 23 because i refuse to end on an even number...and also because i actually really like the number 23!

well that's all for now! just a little list to brighten your day...i know it put some sunshine in mine!

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