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s i m p l i c i t y (18)

June 22, 2010

i know that this is a little bit off from my regular series of notes these days...but i am LONG overdue for one of these. i mean i have sort of been fitting them into my notes but not enough!

i realize i have been in quite selfish mode. the truth is...this is a hard season. it's a lot of new and hard and transition. but of course there is just as much good if not more and well it's about time i record some of it for goodness sakes!

1. so one night i had a dream that i hit some water and hydroplaned into a field full of yellow flowers. i was so mad about my lovely little felicity. but the funniest part of the dream to me is that it was a field of yellow flowers. ha ha ha i mean if i were to crash my car i am sure i would make sure to do it into a giant field of yellow flowers ha ha. ironically there is a giant field of yellow flowers around here that i pass every day...i always slow down when it rains ha ha

2. i have a scar from the lady that ran over me with a power scooter. i know that doesn't sound like a good thing...but it is such a good scar story. i mean if you are going to have them you may as well have a great story to go along with them!

3. i am tan!

4. i got to go to camp! i adore camp with all of my heart!!!!!!

5. right now i am using a journal that is large and the lines are perfect and it is a spiral bound one and it's pink with a tree! and my mommy got it for me and it was only $5! yes please!

6. i just found an adorable pink dress at target for 5 and a really cool water bottle hicky thing that i have been looking for for a long time!

7. it's the semi-annual sale at bath and body works! they have a new scent out called forever sunshine! i love them smell and the bottle! yay!

8. today i got to do a hospital visit by myself. and it was a brand new baby girl! i got to pray over her and her mom and she was just so little and delicate and precious and well it just amazed me all over again! everything she needs to be a grown up is inside that tiny little frame! and she is a blank canvas!!! who knows who or what she will be! gosh i just love what i am called to do!

9. i am going to cook myself dinner tonight and watch some more movies....i am currently at 42

10. recently i did some painting and i used leaves and marbles and string and animal crackers and apples!

12. the flowers that i planted at our garden party keep dying but then i just put a little water on them and they come back to life over and over again! sometimes i like to let them die just so i can watch them be resurrected ha ha ha is that wrong/

13. i cannot wait to live on bowie 5!

14. i have gotten to talk to some of the most amazing people in the whole world the last few days and wow do i miss them! but i once heard it said that you are blessed to have people in your life that make it so hard to say goodbye. i tend to agree :)

15. so i love love LOVE that new david crowder song "oh happiness" and i usually just catch the end of it which makes me soooo sad! but today i got to hear the whole thing! and i downloaded it so now i can listen to it alll the time!

16. i am amazed at the corn. but for real. i kept driving by it thinking oh my goodness it will never grow in time to buy but it did! so fast! and now there are big beautiful corn fields against beautfiul clear blue skies everywhere! i am going to stop on the side of the road and get some great pictures. they are coming soon...don't worry!

17. i am always happy when i make it to 17 just because i love the number so much!

18. i am reading the minor prophets for my devotions this summer...and i am just so amazed at the message i keep seeing througout. the grace of God. every time he is going to get rid of them he spares them! i love it! and i love the book of habakkuk. and the coolest part is that jesus keeps bringing me back to the same passage every year around the same time on accident!
let me tell you how!

so a few years ago i was praying for God to comfort me in a really rough situation and he led me to zepheniah 3:18-20....
then last year i was in africa and a lady we met with randomly brought that same passage up on almost the same day i had found it a couple years before!
and then this summer i randomly chose to read through the minor prophets and landed right around that passage at right around the same time!
i just love when jesus does silly little things like that!

19. i survived my first spin class. but it was a near death experience. even more so than that elephant that nearly trampled us in africa. or the night i almost froze to death in a tent. i am not kidding.

20. jessi and bethany come in 23 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21. i am sitting in panera and i haven't bought anything :)

22. i tried my first lettuce wrap yesterday. a little too much lettuce. but not bad otherwise.

23. i have made it almost a year on all of the itunes cards i got for my birthday last year!

24. i haven't dried my hair in like 2 months. i am never going back.

25. yesterday at a day camp meeting i randomly started snickering and i got a lot of funny looks at the table...ha ha ha it was such a great moment!

26. today i wore a light blue flower barrette in my hair :)

27. i saw toy story 3 and cried. it's true. you will too i promise.

28. i discovered a cool clothing store called discovery clothing...but they don't have dressing i am not so sure about them...

29. i found a caribu coffee and i had a chocolate cooler! yum!

ok. i am stopping now since 29 used to be my favorite number and i don't like even numbers.
that's all.
keep finding that good in your life. i promise it's there...if you are having a hard time seeing it...just look a little harder!
let me know what you find!

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