Saturday, May 19, 2012

internship insider viii

June 20, 2010

hello all!

i have officially survived another week of camp....
unfortuantely i cannot say the same for my voice...
but that is just the usual.

i won't go into the details of can just look through the photo album and get a pretty great idea. and picutures always say it way better anyways.

i love camp. i would stay there all summer...maybe all year if i though i could get away with it.
but i can't.
so it's back to the internship this week.
i am now at the half way point! 6 weeks down and 6 more to go...

and right in the middle of this half the lovely jessie and bethany are paying me a visit! woooooo hooooo

not too much to report.
did a lot of catching up with super great friends last night. that was lovely...until i had to wake up super early for church...ha ha i never learn my lesson. probably never will.

but it was nice anyways. of right now...the half way point...i have watched these movies...

1. dear john
2. the time traveler's wife
3. co co before chanel
4. the september issue
5. the lovely bones
6. up in the air
7. alice in wonderland
8. an education
9. ratatullie
10. pretty in pink
11. my fair lady
12. the king and i
13. baby mamma
14. kit kiteredge
15. night at the museum
16. night at the museum battle of the smythsonian
17. the game plan
18. never been kissed
19. finding neverland
20. summer magic
21. pride and prejudice
22. high society
23. made of honor
24. princess diaries
25. hope floats
26. two weeks notice
27. the box
28. robots
29. toy story 3
30. prince of persia
31. a bugs life
32. kung fu panda
33. daddy day care
34. monsters inc.
35. racing stripes
36. the time traveler's wife
37. the incredibles
38. madagascar 2
39. the cat in the hat

don't judge me.
i have no idea where i found the time to watch all of those movies. but i did....yes indeed i did. and i am pretty sure i left some off ha ha

right now...doing some laundry at the fam's and watching a movie with morg.

hopefully more to report next time...but that's all for now.


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