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June 10, 2010

it's been quite some time since i last wrote.
i know you all are just DYING to know what's happening here.
have no fear...
i am about to fill you in...give you the know the 411...


lsat week went pretty quickly since i only worked a three day week and all. that was nice.
i honestly don't really remember what happened last week.
we had a picnic for memorial day at the house. that was fun. we played a death match of gestures. i for real though someone was going to die. but hey that's the only way to play a game.

so for these two weeks i am working with carissa on nursery and preschool duty. they are passing me around so that i can see all different area of kids ministry. oh goodness i missed the little kiddies. they are just so stinkin cute! even when they are hanging onto my legs with their sticky popsicle/pain hands ha ha. last night we painted with marbles and toy cars and we ate popsicles! yum!!! i love summer and i love little kids. that is just where all the fun is at!

i sat through a calendar planning meeting for a long while last thursday. it was actually pretty interesting to see how it all works behind the scenes. and there was chipoltle at the end which made it ALL worth it. that's for sure.

friday...hung out with morg and kenz! took a bike ride got stuck in the rain and made some water color paper...and watch ipsycho! twice...and again on friday. ok i have a slight addiction. it's just that it takes place in seattle and everytime i watch it i just love the city more...oh that is such a lie i just love freddy!
confession time now apparently.

saturday went to hobby lobby to plan a fun theme night with morg and kenz. not sure how i settled on garden party....but i did ha ha. so we made giant flower hair barettes and planted flowers and painted flower pots and made dirt pudding and ate it...yum! and then i got addicted to the puzzle again and so i had to force myself to leave. but lora is addicted too and i haven't been over in a while so i am hoping there is some to work on when i get there ha ha.

sunday i got to tour the nursery scene with carisa which of course was extremely insightful. i felt like a reporter walking around with my little notebook writing down everything she said ha ha. clearly i was more clueless than i ever even realized ha ha. at least i know now...

this week has been pretty slow for some reason. not sure's just moved like extremely slow. monday we got everything done for the next couple weeks of services since we will be at KIDS CAMP next week! yay! pastor b is just always on top of it like that.

so i have been spending a lot of time working on my budget for seattle this week. like for the nursery and preschool and kids church and such. let's just say...i don't even know but it costs a lot of money for little rear ends just to sit in a chair. do you have any idea how much those chairs cost? enough that we will settle for a story time rug ha ha.
i also made a dream kids ministry list ha ha...because i was getting sad making the regular one ha ha.

but goodness gracious i am so excited for seattle! i can't even wait. i just know lots and lots of adventures are sure to come.

i was thinking about it the other day and if there is one word i could pick to describe this summer it would be...


no not the show..
i mean my life
i sort of feel lost all the time. it's not a bad thing or a good thing...just a strange thing. i sort of feel like i am outside my life just watching it all happen in a daze or something. i am not exactly sure how i ended up here or where i am going from here...but i am just doing it because it's all i know to do...
and literally i am lost ALL the time.
i started going to the gym with my roommate since she kindly got a free guest pass! but i get lost to and from the gym somehow everytime! and i don't understand how. i think it's just because i am coming and going from different places each time and all the street names are just getting so jumbled in my head and i get all disoriented and then i just get mad. i usually don't mind getting lost but that's if i am with someone then it's more of an adventure! but getting lost by yourself is just lame and frustrating and well let's just say i have had quite a few meltdown moments with jesus. ha ha

i discovered a nother red box in walmart! in the same one i have been going to but they have better movies! i have clearly been misssing out! i rented alice in wonderland the other night. finally. considering we already put on an event based off of was about time i saw the thing. it was interesting. i wasn't sure what i though about it at first especially after hearing amanda's report on louis carol back in brittish lit with mr. hay....but then i liked it more after i watched the special features! did you know that back in the day people who made hats really did go crazy from the mercury in the glue they used! wow! and i liked the story line...and well i love that line.

i shall never lose my muchness....


sometimes i think of 6 impossible things before breakfast!

did i mention that in the midst of watching this movie i decided to make dinner for myself. dummy me though i could try to make a momy classic...what was i thinking. so i got the stuff to make my favorite ever oriental chicken salad...
got it all ready and sat down.
took a bit.

how can you mess up oriental chicken salad...well it's me we are talking about here!
the "lettuce" just was so chewy and thick and i was like what is the deal.
so i go read the bag....
sounds normal enough.
you know like a mixture of lettuce and spinach...and it was a bigger bag with a mixture for cheaper...and i am cheap...
well that is not apparently what greens are.
these were like collard greens.
so i had to throw that out.
and now i have a giant bag of collard greens in my fridge and like i have any idea what to do with those!

did i mention that i ran the same toe the guy sat on last week into some metal fixture on the floor of our living room.
it's surely going to fall off my body.

oh wait.
and i thought i left my sunglasses at pastor b and lora's the other again i didn't have them for like 3 days...and i checked my purse...

yesterday i found them on the seat of my car.
and then last night i went back into the church to find them since they weren't on my head or on the seat.
guess where they were.
in the case.

oh wait!
and guess what i did on memorial day that i didn't get to inform you of.
i locked my keys in my car.
no biggie just call aaa
nope i locked my phone in the car with them :)
i mean go big or go home right...

thankfully i knew that ciara was almost home or else i would have had to made friends with the neighbors real quick...which i should have done anyways...
but i had no idea what i was going to do...but then i called aaa
that gma got me and i was so sure i would never use...ha ha ha oh how well she knows me

i don't know why i do so many dumb things. i wish i knew. if it's not for a grade...i will probably be awful at it.
i need to fix that really.

watched the lovely bones last night.
loved that book
move just made me so sad and creeped out and that is not a good thing when you are in a house alone haha
when will i ever learn.
the movie was not as good as the book but then again they hardly ever are.

gotta go fill up my tank and head over to hang out with the family!
guess what!
haven't filled up my tank since last monday and i am still not on empty!
i know nothing about gas milage...but i think that's pretty darn good.

well that's all for now.
probably won't write until after camp and well...i am sure there will be much adventure to tell of so be waiting for it :)
thanks for reading!

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