Saturday, May 19, 2012

internship insider vi

excuse me greater chicago area.
could you please leave my feet alone?

but for real.
so if you thought the power scooter incident was bad...oh no. it gets worse.

let me catch you up on the week first.

back to work on friday.
it was sort of a slow day. did some reading and organizing of closets and playing with kenz and morg. so that was nice.
and then dinner with the family.
soooo yummy. those kabob things that i don't know how to spell...chicken and mushrooms and peppers and onions and zuchini and pineapple on the grilll yes please!
i love vegetables because you can eat and eat and eat and feel so full and not guilty!
then we played some uno attack and watched the game plan since pastor b is appalled that i have not seen so many classic kid movies.
apparently that will be a large part of my internship this summer.
we also worked on the puzzle.
it's a good thing it's at their house since i am hooked. i don't know how i used to hate those things. /
and of course lora being the wonderful mother that she is got us a puzzle matt.

i really hope mom instincts kick in when you become a mom because some of the stuff they come up with...ya i would just never think of.

like the fact that i spent two days going everywhere without wearing sunglasses because i couldn't find them. i squinted and refused to pay money for a new pair. so friday afternoon i decide i'll just check my purse one more time...there they are in the case. where they should be. so yay that i put them away and boo that i squinted for two days since i figured there was no way i actually put them where they should be. i surprised myself.

for the record. that awful enchelada from fast burritto pretty much destroyed my brand new white hoodie!
it is not coming out.
i didn't even want that darn enchelada.

then saturday morning i actually got up when i wanted to.
congrats to me.
did some 30 day shred workout since i knew becky would make me eat awful things.
finally took back my redbox movies.
and caught the 11:20 train.
just barely! there was a huge line.
but i made it. and got a good seat in the top little corner dealy! good thing i am the first stop because at the next stop like 10 zillion cubs fans got on and then everyone had to stand.

now we shall pick up with the story i eluded to in the beginning.
so i am just sitting on the train innocently listening to my ipod and reading my bible.
i promise i really was.
all of a sudden my toe is crying...screaming...writhing in agony.
i had put my foot up on one of the seats in front of me. apparently it was a folding seat. the man did not see my foot there and unfolded the seat with all of his weight ON MY TOE!
i ripped my headphones out of my hears and tapped him frantically trying to verbalize that he was on my foot and needed to stand up.
of course i told him i would be fine while my toe throbbed.
once i explained to him that last week a woman ran over my foot with a power scooter, i don't think he felt as bad...although he kept looking at my toe and asking me if i was alright for the remainder of the ride ha ha.
but really.
only me

so i met up with the beckster.
we did lunch at cosi our very very favorite and waited to pass along a buss pass to her friend.
then we caught a train to the real the part that people live in.
she took me to this adorable little cafe. i don't remember the name...only that the word pig was in it ha ha.
becky had been kidding about how thirsty she was and how she was going to buy like 3 drinks.
she wasn't kidding.
she actually ordered three drinks.
and she drank them all
then we explored some shopping.
the world market.
i am not convinced..they had nothing namibian...although we did get a toblerone bar.
apparently i have been deceived.
this whole time i thought there was a solid chocolate kind...but no.
they all have that yucky nuggat stuff in them! that's what makes them a toblerone bar...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
i cannot stomach the word nuggat.
but it was a good memory at least.

then to baladoche.
this adorable little belgium waffel shop.
the guy gave me a huge speech about waffels. it was really interesting. really.
they import everything directly from belgium and their gelato from italy! and everything is priced in euros! so fun.
i got a waffel with chocolate and pistachio gelato. their chocolate gelato is from belgium and it is made from 70%coa coa!! so yummy.
he tried to tell me all the reasons why it was so much better for me.
i don't think i believe all but it helped me get through and enjoy....

then we went to wrigleyville.
probably a mistake on game day...but fun
there were soo many people everywhere.
we found cubby though.
becky thought we shouldn't take a picture...i figured...we are in this mess...let's live it up.
so we did!
there was some guy that was so drunk his friends were carrying him and he kicked me in the leg...not on purpose just in passing. still. i would be the one to get kicked by a drunk guy.
then the train back to downtown and we spent some time in this beautiful part of union station that we had never seen before!
then time to go home.

sunday service...x3 of course. but it was soo fun!
all the kids came into big church with their parents. we played minute to win it games and each pastor gave a devotional on how to get started spiritually as a family and in the home. it was way fun!
then yesterday i vegged.
made birthday presents all day which i love love love and watched four movies.
i am not even kidding.

my fair lady...awful ending
kit kiterege...i still cry through that whole movie.
a bug's life
the king and love loooooooooooooooooove

fell aslepp on the couch but finally went to bed.
today did some working out.
watched the thunder storm from the rain.
now catching up at panera and getting ready to go home for the cookout.

that's about it i think.

random thoughts for the day....
i think i just realized why they call it daylight savings time.
because we are saving daylight.
i mean i think i sort of knew that...but not really....

i am tan.
believe it.
even josh cheriyan admitted it and he is one of the darkest people i know.

i am a bad food smeller.
like you know how people tell you to smell it and see if it's still good.
i don't know how.
i always just do it and pretend like i know what i am smelling for...but i don't really know. and i suppose it is based on what it smells like normally...but i don't really know that either.
and when you tell me to smell and see if it's still good, i have already decided that it must not be in my head...i don't like the uncertainty and i usually decide it is bad.
strange right.

oh yesterday morning i had to stop for a family of geese crossing the road! i have always wanted that to happen to me!

well that's enough for today i think.
oh ya it's memorial day!
i almost forgot!
this morning my family called me from the parade and had mr. ruggieri say hello to me on the phone.
gosh i miss marching band!
so much
don't judge me.

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