Saturday, May 19, 2012

random thoughts that kept me awake last night

May 28, 2010

for some reason i just kept waking up and thinking of the same three things last night.
i thought that i would share them with you.

1. i kept thinking....i konw how i want to be remembered and i want to spend every day making sure that i am representing the legacy i imagine in my head. and the thing about that is...i don't want to only be remembered that way by people who really really know me....i want the casheer at wal-mart and the lady at the toll booth and the people in my church and my friends and my family and the man i bump into on the street to remember me exactly the same way. no matter how much or how little time i spend with a person, i want to have so much character and integrity and personality that they all see me and know me to be exactly the same person.

2. we are really talking a lot about shifting kids ministry to family ministry. i was thinking that a lot of people might think of this as old or dated. culture does not necessarily emphasize the family anymore and perhaps we should move with culture. but then i thought...what's wrong with doing something sort of old or bringing it back if it's effective. i mean let's look at the status of our families and our faith a few decades ago as opposed to right now...
obviously they were getting something right.
maybe old hat isn't always bad if it brings us new results.

3. i had like three dreams that i cut my hair. short. again.
no one let me cut my hair.
i was so not happy.

well that's why i had trouble sleeping last night.
not to mention the horrific ending of dear john.

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