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internship insider v

May 27, 2010

well hello there. 
this is rachel coming to you from downtown naperville, il. 
it's beautiful here. 
thanks to the roomie for ripping me out of bed and forcing me on adventures...the only issue now...finding my way home....and for that i will thank pastor b for already programming home into the gps. 

well the past few days have been interesting to say the least. there really is no other way to describe them 

since i last wrote... 
spring fling happened. i survived. it looked like a ton of fun from my car! 
i woke up with a stinkin' migrane. 
can i just say i have only had one of those in my whole entire life! 
but i had one. 
i spent most of the drive there at 6am trying my best not to vomit. 
and then when i did get there i had to sleep in the car to try to stand up. 
ha ha 
but when i wasn't dying i was manning the giant scooby doo inflateable! fun! 
we went in at the we i mean me and the retter crew... 
and then the guys in charge thought it would be funny to deflate it while we were inside! 
not funny. 
well maybe in retrospect ha ha. 

grabbed some lunch with the family and then did some shopping. 
like i needed to do any more of that... 
but i got birthday presents! and a dress for 6 dollars and decorations for the lobby!!!! and elephant shaped scissors and cards!!!! 

then to pastor b and lora's for some movie and pizza and rock band! 
i am way worse than i was back in my glory days.... 

then home and to sleep for an early sunday morning 
i took some more meds...even though it said once every 24 hours... 
i don't think the people who made it understand ministry. 
there is no way i could risk another incident with three services ahead of me ha ha 
so whatever. 

sunday afternoon i treated myself to lunch at panera. 
spent a bunch of hours there until i had to be back at the church for greenhouse classes 
that was a great learning experience. 
i sat next to wylma and we held each other accountable with our chocolate eating ha ha 
i needed it believe me. 

and then let me tell you the highlight of the day. 
i went to wal-mart after church to get some groceries. 
i was just innocently shopping for veggies... 
and a lady ran over my foot with her power scooter!!!!! 
yes she did. 
i think things like that only happen to me 
i think she was embarrassed and so she sped off and i hobbled to the next aisle to clean off the bloood! 
crazy i know. 
but so true. 
so i limped around to finish my shopping 
and can i just say... 
they don't carry my vitamin c gumimes anymore! 
this. town. hates. me. 
i hope it knows that i am not going anywhere. i will make it love me. 

monday morning 
i don't really remember much of this week 
oh yes. 
monday was just me. 
pastor b had some filiming. 
i just walked around outside a lot and bounced on the excercise ball and played with the rubicks cube in attempt to think of object lessons for the next two months. 

monday night was the orange meeting at pastor b and lora's 
gosh that is a great book! 
you should all check it out. 

tuesday was just a tuesday. 
day camp meeting that evening and then american idol with a bunch of hilarious girls. 
that was way too much fun 
oh did lunch with eileen under the tree. 

and then let me tell you what happened. 
i try to be wise on wednesdays. 
i only get a break from like 5 until 6:30. 
so i decided to save gas annd save money. 
brought some veggies to heat up and eat. 
made them and found some butter in the fridge. 
put it on. 
eileen says i should check the date. 
i do. 
expired december 18 of 2006 
i canned those veggies. 
and by canned i mean i put them in the trash. 
and believe me i faught hard for those veggies...(the lady in the power scooter) 

so i drove to fast buritto. 
i only wanted an avacado tostado and some rice. 
the man made me buy an encihlada since you can't charge less than 5 on a card. 
go to my car. 
try to cut enchelada...that i didn't want.... 
and it splashes everywhere. 
and by everywhere i mean that i was wearing four pieces of clothing including a new white jacket and my favorite pink vneck and all of it was covered in some disgusting dark red sauce. 
so at this point...i cannot wipe it was not that kind of spill. 
so i have to drive all the way home. 
it's 5:30 and it takes all of a half hour to get home and back to the church where i have to be by 6:30 
so then i have to call lora and explain my situation 
had to whip out the clorox whipes and fabreez for my car. 
it was intense. 

it is no accident that we just happen to be learning about patience in kids church here. 
i am tired of learning patience. 
i think i got it. 
but probably not since SOMEONE keeps trying to teach me it more. 

so finished up church. 
ventured into the youth room... 
that's a huge step for me... 
and then home. 

of course i stopped at wal-mart on the way to redbox for my day off. 

but turns out i was so sleepy when i got home that i just fell asleep in my clothes and everything. 
never ate. 
never watched movies. 

and i knew i was going to do that too. i hate when i know i am so i try to make myself get up and change. 
and i still don't. 
i didn't do pilates either. 

this morning ciara forced me out of bed for a trip to naperville. 
i am glad she did of course. 
although we almost got seperate a zillion times on the way ha ha 
it's so adorable here. 
boats and little shops 
got some lunch at einstein brothers bagles. 
an avacado turkey thin bagle with veggie cream cheese spread. yum 
we got some animal bracelets and we opened them and traded in the middle of the street. 
we are not 7 ha ha 
we are just cool 
but i got a hot pink hot air balloon and an umbrella :) 

took me a while to find my car... 
but i did and here i am at barnes an noble. 
a 2 story one! yay! 
i was pretty ticked that all the good window seats were taken by a bunch of little punks. 
some 12 year old couple and then some yucky gross college boys evaluating every single girl that walked by. 
wasted seats. 

let's see. 
interesting thoughts for the week. 
the other day i was wishing that everything could be put into the form of a song. 
for some reason i remember everything in song format. 
scriptures, the states, book sof the bibles, the presidents, oceans, sons of jacob....and i never ever forget song lyrics. 
and especially for spelling purposes. 
like bologna. 
no one ever forgets how to spell that because there is a song to remember. 
it's a conept someone could really make it big with....but when you do just don't forget the little people. 

the other day i almost had to swerve for know what it was. 
an ugly gosh darn possum. 
i should have hit him. 
but i didn't want yucky possum gut goo on my lovely new tires. 
i love felicity way too much. 

i think that i should submit my life to tlc. 
i am not really even kidding about this. 
josh and i were discussing getting transit on there. 
i mean what better way to make money. 
people get on for being short or pregnant or baking cakes... 
why not for plainting a church? 
and i mean i would pay to watch someone get run into by a power scooter. 
i mean that incident made me think. 
how many times have people seen me do ridiculous things and tweeted about them? 
i looked into it. 
but i need to find a production company. 
i think we will just write the kids books. 

i gotta watch these movies asap 

mac and kenz and i started the african puzzle the other night. 
it's a lot bigger than i anticipated. 

oh and we also made the commercial. 
our stand will be up and running a week from today. 
apparently i will be working two jobs this summer. 
but for real. 

i got a kite to fly. 
why exactly to 12 year olds go to starbucks? 
it drives me insane. 

gotta hurry so that i can treat myself to a chocolate covered banana and then find my way home before dark ha ha. 
but really. 

saturday is birthday shopping day :) lots of presents to buy! 

well. that's all for now. 


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