Saturday, May 19, 2012

internship insider iv

has it been three days already?
when did that happen?

i suppose three days ago.

i think it was just a monday. 

tuesday. generally i am not a fan of tuesdays. 
i am sure that i have gone into greater detail in some other note explaining just why i hate them so i shall save you. 
if you would like to know the tuesday theory...just let me know. i would be glad to let you in. 
we had a goodbye/welcome lunch at legends. ha ha
they had a veggie wrap...that's really all that matters. 
the rest of the day just seemed slow for some reason....
oh wait because it was TUESDAY!

was a miss debbie day. 
oh how i adore miss debbie. 
it really is scary how much we are alike!
we even both like pollyanna and don't like dogs and she has soo many fun things!
she has like a zillion and 3 prizes from oriental trading because spring the biggest kids even of the century is this saturday!
so we made games and loaded the trailer and sorted tons and tons of fun things!
she even has a GIANT tub of bouncy balls...there is even a bouncy ball game! yes please
i got to laminate (forgive the spelling error that i am sure just occurred...) stuff which i love. it made me miss my days at the candy counter. 

and we made this oooober fun bucket game. 
they were so bright and pretty and i got amazing art inspiration for my room and kids church and bowie fifth. yes from sand buckets!
anyways. apparenty the game is from the bozo show. 
i knew nothing of this show and the entire church just could not seem to believe that i grew up deprived of bozo. 
so they made me watch it. 
it was the creepiest thing i have ever seen so far. 
but really
this creepy clown calls little classic 80's kids down front and lets them throw balls in buckets (not as pretty as ours) to win prizes. 
the first thing the girl won was a cabbage patch record and a giant block of cheese. 
i don't really think i was missing out all that much...just saying. 

anyways. we did some lunch at panera. yum
and worked worked worked 
we made an adventure list for the summer. 

1. tour the wrigly gum factory that is right down the street from the chruch
2. pollyanna movie night with watermelon

i have added lots more to my own list

3. make crazy clock photo collection
4. fun photo shoot downtown
5. finally take pictures from facebook and put them into an album.......
6. do my puzzle of africa
7. finish this is not a book
8. start dino-licious snacks with morgan and mackenzie and domicate the snack industry
9. read cs lewis classics
well there are more to come. i shall save them for later. 

i proceeded to eat my turkey sandwich and avacado and chocolate animal crackers and ice cream sandwich in my car. 
i was tired of sitting in the church and i had to come back soon but i didn't want to waste gas. 
oh the life of a college intern ha ha

can i just say that making a smiley face with your mustard on your turkey sandwich and cutting it into triangles really does make it so much better. 
don't judge me until you try it. 
for some reason i cannot bring myself to use the dino cutter on turkey. only peanut butter and jelly and only on special occasions. i don't want to take the wow factor out of it. 

i also started the jilian michaels 30 day shred work out video.
i can hardly move. 
i suppose that means it's working. 

i love redbox. 
i have been using it A LOT lately. 

yesterday i watched coco before chanel. 
it was so so good. 
the plan was to fall asleep to a movie. but considering the whole thing was in french and it was all artsy and about fashion and so i had to read the subtitles and i got really sucked in...well the plan just changed. 

skyped for the first time last night. 
but it didn't really work. 
i finally just watched the other person and called them on the phone since i couldn't get the sound to work. 
but i kept forgetting we were on the phone so i kept mouthing stuff ha ha 

i would like to testify. 
my vitamin c gummies that ya'll make fun of...
they work. 
i have now been without them for a little over a week because i ran out at school and the wal mart here is out...
and i have a full out cold!
losing my voice runny nose...ALL OF IT!
what's up with that????

well almost time to work the sign in table for 456
there was finally some sunshine here today!

oh did i mention that i am trying this new thing where i don't dry my hair. 
i am pretty sure my hair just looks a hot mess all the time...but i think that is in right now thankfuly and it's saving me lots of time in the morning!


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