Saturday, May 19, 2012

internship insider iii

May 16, 2010

hello there. 
i know there is information overload on my facebook life today and this is due to the fact that i only get internet when i go somewhere with it. 
i have to fit a lot in at one time...who are you kidding you know you love it!

today is sunday. 
you have no idea what an accomplishment it is that i even know that. 

since i last wrote...
i wore a new fun blue hat. one of the cool like beanie ones...sort of only lighter fabric than my purple one which makes it seasonally acceptable. 
ran some errands which are soo good for learning my way around. 
i had southwestern style vegetable soup for lunch. 
i think it's safe to say i am in a phase. 

i edited a video and designed a logo! what? it's insane i know!

then to a baseball game with the family!
oh so much fun
morgan and mackenzie the little book worms earned tickets and t-shirts and free hot dogs to a kane county cougars game. 
i won't lie...
i have no clue what's going on!
but i love it!
hate sports but absolutely love them live! there is just a distinct atmosphere!
it's so american
oh goodness and watching people is just sooo funny!
and there were even fireworks! pastor b bought me my first foam fan finger! bright orange!

we won...i konw that much!

saturday was the beginning of my city adventures. 
well after mackenzie's soccer game of course. 
i was bummed that i left my appropriately orange fan finger in the car :(

aj was going to stop on his way through...but since my time to catch the train kept getting pushed back, i finally just takled him into coming along!
we found the train station since pastor b was kind enough to program it into the gps the night before ha ha
it was a double decker train!! we sat on the top OF COURSE!
not too bad of a trip outside of the freeezing cold temerature!
we met becky in union station...becky! who i haven't seen since africa! yay!
ok maybe not since africa but it feels likei ts been that long!
she is a little city dweller now so we just followed her lead
we did lunch at potbelly's and then some shopping and lots of walking. 


in the station while waiting for becky. 
aj had a pocket moment as he calls it. 
an old man asked him to open his candy bar for him. 
aj looked at him puzzled and the man went onto explain that he ony had one arm...
aj of course opened it...and then the man asked him if he wanted some. 
it was just...precious really. 

at potbelly's, i accidentally followed a woman into a one person restroom. i promise i thought there was more than one stall. 
only me

i finally found a hoodie for work! 
thank you old navy. 
i resisted everything i wanted from every other store. 
but all of the walking convinced me that i had worked off enough calories to eat chocolate. 
ok things like this rarely happen in my i went for it
we made the long treck to the hershey factory!
i settled on a reeses brownie AND chocolate milk.
of course i couldn't eat it was like washing down chocolate with more chocolate! 
but it was wonderful momentarily. 
that is until the chocolate lady began yelling strang and random things for a very very long time. she sort of put a damper on the party. 

we really did try to make the 6:30 train. 
it just didn't work. 
so we stayed!
we did chill time and dinner at a place called cosi!
it was amazing!
they have all different chairs!
and i had a fire roasted veggie flatbread and carrot sticks! 
and they were legit like squash and peppers and onions and muchrooms! yes please. 

finally caught the 8:40 train with aj and headed home. 
of course there was lots of seattle planning along the way...
prior to aj forcing me to speak in spanish for the remainder of the evening. 
i don't even know where that came from!

had to go to sleep...
7:30 arrival time for sunday mornings...can we say cbc? ha ha
got ready and did church x3
offically met the kiddos!
silly string...LOTs and mega growing dinosaurs. 
good day in kids church x3

went home...after filling my gas tank for the first time :)
did some laundry and curled up on the couch to watch bedtime stories. morgan and mackenzie insisted. 
well that is until the washer began to make loud angry pounding noises. 
i tried to fight it. 
finally just decided to wait it out for ciara....she is older and wiser. 
went for a run/jog/walk while talking to mommy. 
it's better than nothing...
then to panera. 
where i am coming to you now live. 

alright time for real work :)
love you all
did i mention i woke up with a sore throat?
no worries...vitamin c gummies to the rescue!

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