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internship insider ii

May 16, 2010

Internship insider (2)

Yesterday was Wednesday. That means work day
Miss Debbie and I ventured out for a hospital visit. My first ever to be exact.
I have to admit, I am not a fan of hospitals. I mean I am not sure that anyone is really…but I just hate the idea. They build these big beautiful buildings and they seem so well big and beautiful from the outside…but then inside is just a whole lot of sad. It’s just this mask they put on.
It was a hospital pretty far away.
Miss Debbie kindly picked me up at home and we began.
And we got lost ha ha.
We were just so enjoying the drive and the conversation I suppose that we got lost…but like 20 minutes worth of lost. I think I just have that affect on people.
The good news is…the friendly burger king people helped us.
And the people at the gas station that miss Debbie drove over a curb to get to…don’t tell her I told you that
And the super duper good news is that there just happened to be a caribou that we would not have passed had we not got lost. And it just happens to be that we both just LOVE caribou!
I haven’t had it in soooo long!
So of course we got some and of course it was wonderful because then the whole car smelled like caribou. Unfortunately we weren’t inside long enough for my whole self to smell like caribou. That’s my favorite.
Moving on…
The hospital visit was well as good as one of those can be I suppose. The family was so sweet. Poor mom had hurt her ankle roller skating with her adorable little girl. It was really neat to be there for people when they didn’t realize they even wanted or needed you to be there.
And that is just why I love my job..or soon to be job I suppose.

We found our way back alright so I guess that’s all that counts.
Ate some lunch at home and then went into church.
But of course since Pastor B is so on top of things there wasn’t all that much to do. We finished setting up for 456 and attempted to work on the website.
Then I ran some errands.
In Oswego.
Strange name I know. I still don’t really like saying it.
That of course was an adventure. But Pastor B gave me a run down on the gps and it’s much more helpful now. Of course it was just me being technologically illiterate. That’s always the case.
Those errands took a little longer than I was intending…I just was not willing to accept that silly string is now 3 dollars a can.
Let me say that again…
THREE DOLLARS for a silly can of silly string!
So I went to a bunch of stores sure that it was just because it was target or just because it was a party store or…
Well even wal-mart wanted
But their cans were twice the I sort of win.

Then church. I was the lovely check in lady which means lots of kids looked at me confused because it seemed like they should know who I was but didn’t ha ha.
I kept introducing myself as the intern and finally they asked what that meant. I had to think on my feet since I had not adequately thought of or prepared an exact definition for what I am.
I got introduced later anyways….so I suppose they know now. I was pretty bummed that I missed out on finger painting with chocolate pudding in the preschool class, but Ryan made up for it with his offering rap.
And then it was time to make cupcakes with Ciara for the boyfriend’s birthday. Her boyfriends…just to clarify ha ha.
They were slightly janky considering how exhausted we were….but we had some fun and well it’s the thought and the heart that counts and we watched the Truman show. I own that movie and somehow I had never seen it all the way through! I had seen ever single part just not all together or at the same time.
I am still unsure as to how Ciara found it funny because it was always so sad to me ha ha but she just did.
Slept in.
A lot.
It was my day off of course.
Did lunch with the lovely Lora at some outlet stores.
Turns out they have an entire store dedicated to vera Bradley!
Who knew????
Oh and then how could I forget…sonic happy hour! And this one is great! Sooo great!
There were limes and tons of strawberry chunks and a whole layer of strawberry pulp at the bottom!
It’s always a bad day when you get a limeade without limes or strawberry pulp…impossible you say…not at all.
It happened to me just last week.
Next time I am returning it.

Did I mention that lately I have been listening to Alex Marr’s piano music in the car. I found it in my bag and well I just love it! and I love that I know him! beat that josh groban!
So before Lora got to the house I was just sitting outside waiting and it was sort of drizzleing and I had the piano music on and the windows down and my eyes closed…
That was a good moment.
Simplicity note worthy actually.
But I just threw it in here instead.
But it was then I realized how strange the concept of clapping is.
I think this all the time…and I always mean to write about it but I always forget. I kept reminding myself about it all day ha ha
I mean really though…people just flailing their arms and hands around to make this obnoxious smacking sound.
Did some yummy dinner with the family and then hung out with the lovely, the amazing Morgan and Mackenzie.
We started into This is Not a Book.
We made the annoying page and made commitments for a month.
I am to wear something inside out every day for a month, Morgan will be drawing every day and Mackenzie will be singing her way to school. Pastor B promised to write a letter. And by that…he means quite literally a letter
I treated myself to a red box.
Talked to my wonderful dear ENGAGED friend tiffany and cuddled up on the couch with an apple and peanut butter.
The time traveler’s wife.
Pretty sad.
Not my favorite.
And now.
Time for sleep so I can prepare for whatever adventure tomorrow shall bring.
This is going to be a good summer.
But good.

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