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May 11, 2010

hello all.

this is the official internship blog.

this is where you can get the inside scoop on all that's going down in chicago...or 40 minutes outside of there...but for my sake we are just going to say chicago.
not that you really care....and i mean it's not africa or anything...but you never life tends to be natrually read on if you would like....

i flew in saturday afternoon after a long drawn out airport adventure with joshua watts. by the foot is still scraped and bruised from the rocking chair....and my cardigan is wrinkled from the airport floor...
but i'll just leave it at that.

got of the plane and stopped at a recharge your battery station to...well recharge my battery. of my phone that is. and then i met up with good old pastor b and lora and the fam!
they are just as fun and wonderful and well unique as i remember and i am so very very excited to spend the summer with them!

drove into aurora where we met up with mommy...and daddy...and aunt caren...and grandma. it's my family. of course they were all here for this! ha ha. did some lunch at buffalo wild wings and reunitiing with old friends and of course got the usual speeches on how to avoid dying in every way possible and even the ways i never knew were even possible (i love you mom ;)
then lora, despite her handicapped ankle, cooked us a lovely dinner before we headed back to the hotel room for the night

may i take a moment to interject here that this was not hitting me at this point...NONE of it.

of course there was a target trip to stock the room and the pantry of the lovely home i am staying at all summer.
met the roommate. she is adorably wonderful in every way. i don't think they could have matched us more that how you even say that? but for real.
she love hummas and healthy food and target and flowers and she's always cold! i mean come on people she is practically my twin!
at any rate, i think we are going to have a pretty fun summer and i am very much looking forward to it!

attended new life church...yorkville...for the first time on sunday! loved loved LOVED it. it was nice to be in a church full of people again! everyone and everything was lovely and well the best part is....their theme and decorations are...wait for it...wait for it...


i know right.

this must be a God thing!

i just know this is going to be a great summer. really...i do.

monday morning.
first day of work after sadly saying goodbye to my familia already on sunday night :( that never gets easier or more fun.

all of a sudden...i was waking up in my house and getting ready to leave in my car to go to my job. WHAT? so much for gradual or smooth transitions.

i still just don't get it.

it's so surreal feeling.
a week ago i was goofing off and staying up till all hours of the night with my friends and eating ice cream....and now i work from 9-5 in an office and go home and go to sleep around 9:30....alone.
lame i know right.

does God forget that i cannot function without people?
because i am about to go crazy here.

i know i was all for this single in the city deal...
but i mean come on who was i kidding????
i called like 10 people today and shopped at like a zillion stores.
but in my attempt to be a real grown up...i only bought what i needed.

a coat.
in may...i know i thought the same thing.
but i left 80 degree springfield to come to the ice box!
so i found a pretty sweet gray trench coat on sale at target.
gosh i love them...
not to mention a 4 dollar dress.
thanks target for never ever failing me.

i am still on the hunt for a hoodie so that i can work without my fingers falling off ha ha. i think it's just my cold blooded nature. i have been meaning to work on that for years now.

monday morning pastor b got me to work right away. not a wasted moment. which of course is precisely why i came here! ha ha
lots to learn....lots and lots and lots.
he of course is being extremely patient with me....good thing he knows me...ha ha
did lots of work with curriculum and downloads and reading of the book called think orange...which you should all read. it is phenomenal! but for real. i hate putting it down it's sooo good! it just takes so many things i have always thought and been unsure of how to say and puts them into normal people words and thoughts. it's amazing.

met everyone at nlc...the second.
ironically this is the second new life church that pastor b and lora and i have ministered at together...i have this thing with repeating names. it's strange really.

going to loe miss debbie! she loves to clown around...ha ha...if you knew her and that she is in charge of the merry hearts clowns that would be funny to you...well now you know so you should be laughing....anyways. she likes hummas and the veggie bowl at chipoltle and barettes and kids! she is like me grown up. i hope i am like her when i grow up!

it was mackenzie's 9th birthday. so the ramseier familia was kind enough to include me in the festivities. homemade speghetti on veggie noodles yum...and then a trip to the mall in naperville. a funtabulous mall might i add!
they had a two story merri-go-round!
don't worry don't worry
of course we rode it!
morgan and mackenzie and i of course rode in the tea cup where we spun so fast that we were still going when the ride had stopped and everyone had left...ya. i might have been a little too old for that.
then to build a bear of course! we left with an enchanted pony and a dragon who barely fit in his knight's armor.

i don't even remember getting home. i was so tired that i had to force myself to get up and take out my contacts. ha ha.
that was at 9:30
i don't want to talk about it.

another day at work today.
came up with some object lessons and did some more curriculum work and learned about some forms and started a fight over gyms in the office with some super fun ladies...

ran some errands.

read some more orange.

and then...

oh wait...did i mention that mexican-style chicken torilla soup that almost exploded in the microwave for lunch...
oh yes. well i was making some mexican-style chicken tortilla soup in the microwave for lunch today and despite the fact that i read the timing still almost exploded. but i saved it just in time and ate it.
and my chocolate animal crackers (shout out to tash)

mostly because it was 5:00 and i had nothing to do and noone to call ha ha.
how quickly my life became lame...
but i found this amazing trench and that dress.
and then i tried to find a hoodie of some sort for work.
but apparently illinois is living in denial and they refuse to sell clothes appropriate to the weather outside of their stores.
just because you want to believe it's summer's not. just letting you know.
so then i wanted to go to old navy.
they always have that sort of stuff.
but i didn't know where that was.
ahhh but i have that gps that pastor b so kindly allowed me to borrow.
so i get it out.
but see...if you take a step you are in a different city around here....
so i didn't even know where i was starting from and that thing kept trying to guess what i was thinking and it was always wrong.
so loyal josh cheriyan tried to help me from arizona.
finally i just stopped a random woman to ask her...
needless to say...i am saving old navy for another day
but i was so bored that i just drove around every shopping center...
then decided to treat myself to panera
and pretend to be one of those fancy business woman.
i walked in in my gray trench coat with my book and laptop...
asked to see the calorie book...
ordered soup and a sandwish and some water....
paid with my card..(actually cash but the card sounds more grown up)
and i sat in the corner and typed looking all offical.

i am just a poor, lonely college intern with no clue where to go or who to hang out with trying to buy some time from being home alone...

but don't worry.
none of them know that :)

i think it's time that i head out.
i need to find some friends around this place.

did i mention...
today i met two of the youth interns.
i accidentally insulted one of their youth workers. i really didn't mean to.
so now the guy interns refer to me as that girl from the movie mean girls...ha ha
wow i really know how to get off on the right foot huh.

hospital visit with miss debbie in the morning and then i am going to figure out how to get to sonic. i have a feeling i will be in need of happy hours soon. i also have a feeling that i need a gym asap!!!!!
for now...pilates will just have to do the trick.

good night all.

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