Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (16)

March 22, 2010

so...i debated on whether or not to label this note as a simplicity note or not. because in some sense it is a simplicity note, but at the same time it's a challenge. hence the title i decided upon as you can see above.

it has been quite a crazy week to say the least. crazy and hard, but really really good and challenging. so a simplicity note was about to be needed anyways...i just assumed i may as well toss in the challenge while i was at it.

i think i'll save the challenge for the end.

1. i have started playing this game to make myself fall asleep where i close my eyes so tight that you see all the crazy pictures in your head you know sort of like fireworks....and then i imagine that they really are fireworks and then i start listing colors that i see...ha ha you laugh but it makes me stop thinking and eventually i fall asleep. don't judge it until you try it.

2. i wore sandals on friday, boots and a hat and gloves on saturday and sunday and today the sun is bright an shining again! how does that happen? i do not know, but i am happy that little winter fit is over...because I LOVE SUNSHINE! nope I A D O R E it.

3. i went to a christmas party the other night. and it snowed for it! the one random winter fit happened simultaneously with our preplanned christmas party! and it was with matt and staci who are amazing...and we made cookies and read the story and had presents and everything! and i wore my light up earrings!

4. today i wore pink and gray. i sort of felt like an easter bunny and it made my day.

5. some crazy people randomly decided to interview me in my room today...but the coolest part is that the word zuva made it online! that is right. it's sunshine but african sunshine which is even better!

6. i had blueberry yogurt for breakfast.

7. i was early to class my 7:30 on a monday morning! and i got to pray...i am never there for prayer! and i think that brother bleek was so excited and so worried that it might never happen agian that he made sure i prayed ha ha

8. i did sort of not my best on two tests this week and i am not freaking out! now i know that i probably should be, but if you knew me in high would just be happy to know that i have relaxed ha ha

9. i am currently listening to hello sunshine by barlow girl! it says...

"hello sunshine it's been too long since i felt your beautiful warmth upon my face
and how much have i missed because i've been focused on everything wrong
this road just felt so long
i forgot how to lift my face to see you"

LOVE IT! i just cannot understand how sunshine cannot put you in a good mood!!!!

10. this week i have decided to fast self. yes. this week i am fasting myself. it's liberating really. i was sittin in my room last night being silly and dumb and crying and well...i just decided i had had enough of that and it was time i did something about it. so i went around to everyone's rooms and decided to ask what problems they needed prayer for. i figure it's about time i put just as much time and energy into praying for other people as i do for myself.
and well it's only been a day....but it is working wonders in my life! i feel amazing today!!!
so..the challenge is that you try it! and then let me know how it goes!
oh and if you need any prayer...also let me know because i have lots of room to fill in my journal!!

enjoy the sunshine!!!!

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