Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (15)

March 9, 2010

this simplicity note may be skimpy...which should tell you the dire state i am in for one ha ha. time to rack my brains out for the beauty in life.
here goes!

1. i drove a church van full of psycho college kids last week and survived. everyone else did too. i actually didn't mind so much it seemed to make the time pass faster.

2. i spent an entire week serving people....that is the best feeling in the whole world.

3. for an all nighter, i was captain of the yellow team. i just love yellow!

4. at a service last week, i randomly looked down below the sound board and found the sheet music for a song called "sunshine in my soul" it absolutely made my day!

5. on sunday night, i trashed my room. i mean i threw pretty much everything on the ground and then proceeded to get tiffany because i knew she would be so proud. however, she was right about me not being able to sleep. i stayed up for the next three hours cleaning. it was a good memory while it lasted though.

6. i skipped almost all of my classes yesterday...including one a teacher said specifically NOT to skip. i am becoming a rebel in my old age :)

7. yesterday, ashley hankins, one of the coolest people ever! took me to her favorite secret spot. we drank double chocolate milk and sat on a rock in the water for like 3 hours. it. was. amazing.

8. i found this really cool super smooth rock. oh and i skipped rocks! that has never ever before worked for me ever in my whole life!

9. i had a strawberry limeade from sonic last night!

10. today i spoke in a brittish accent in front of the entire cbc body during chapel while wearing blue and white bedsheets. oh and gray tights. there was also a rabbit.

11. the granola in the caf is new and fresh. it's not all the lame little pieces, it's still the big clusters. yum.

12. my night is open and i have hall devos with the most amazing hall ever! in the whole history of the whole world!

13. today i wore an outfit that would color scheme with my alice in wonderland costume. so basically, i modernized alice and dressed like her today...sad i know it.

14. the rose that jessie got me for valentine's day was so pretty. and it was so amazing that it even died perfectly. so it's a pretty dead rose in my pretty vase in my room.

15. yesterday morning my daddy called me to ask me about my twitter updates. my daddy doesn't even know about twitter....he googled me. you gotta love him.

16. today i wore my favorite blue sweatshirt. i suppose i sort of mentioned that already...but i just really like it and i wanted to make it clear that it is my favorite and it makes my day happier.

17. i had apple cinamon oatmeal with honey in it for breakfast. don't be jealous.

18. i was going to stop at 17...but then i thought of another good i will keep going.

19. yesterday i realized that this is one of those months where the days line up perfectly with last month! for wednesday is the 17...and the 17 was also on a wednesday last month! oh and the coolest part of that is that wednesday is my favorite day and 17 is my favorite number. it's like jesus made two months in a row for me!

20. i think i may have done horribly on my personal and church finance test this morning, but i got done in like 5 minutes and had the rest as free it really doesn't matter.

well that's all i got. wait i need one more. i don't like even numbers.

21. kevin zurrica is about to show me african pictures :)

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