Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (14)

February 4, 2010

it has just been one of those days...which is surprising. usually tuesdays are the kickers ha ha.
at any rate...i needed a little pick me up today...and well what better way to do that then to write a simplicity note! and i know you have all been waiting for you...and well i have to please the people!

this one may be challenging...but then again that is the whole make ourselves find beauty in the day...or week..or month...whatever!

#1 the other day i was so proud of myself because i was typing a snavely paper over a day before it was due! keep breathing..i know it's hard to believe. anyways. my computer froze in the middle and i freaked out because well even though it was only 2 pages, i hadn't saved it...because well it was only 2 pages! and it still wouldn't work in the morning! so finally i just shut it off all bummed and convinced my paper would be gone. but it wasn't! it saved! thank you jesus...he knows every detail i am just saying!

#2 last saturday i went out to eat at a mexican restaurant with some of the most amazing ladies ever! we ate and laughed so hard and then saw an extremely sappy girl movie. sounds like the perfect saturday night to me!

#3 on tuesday night i got to dress up like a hippie pirate named sunny and act extra stupid for some kids who really needed it. it was nice to just be myself for the evening ha ha ha

#4 there are ALWAYS girls in my room and i love them and i love having them around and well sometimes i just can't get over how blessed i am to have the opportunity to serve them and pour into their lives and watch them become amazing women of God. it just gives me chills every time i think about it!

#5 i put disney princess sheets on my bed for the month of february

#6 today i ate pita with roasted red pepper hummus....yummmmy!

#7 in music and ministry the other day, i recognized the bass cleff note before the treble! that is a huge victory for me...even though i got it wrong..that's besides the point!

#8 i sent mail today. i love sending letters :)

#9 jesus has been speaking to me everywhere lately! and i mean EVERYWHERE! even in my personal and church finance book. what!? but i am telling you! pay attention because he always has something to say and he will do whatever he needs to to get us to hear it!

#10 i just realized how fast i was typing and it made me so happy again that i took typing in high school. i happen to find typing very stress relieving. not to mention i love the sound of the keys. vaccuuming is also stress relieving.

#11 i bought and ate and avacado last week. just an avacado. nothing else. just in case you were wondering.

#12 i took a three hour nap yesterday. unintentionally.

#13 today i fell asleep to the rain outside of my was lovely.

#14 i discovered the other day that someone has the same tuesday theory as me. it made me feel a little better about myself. i also discovered how to say ceruline...that really cool blue color that comes in the crayola crayon box. who knew i had been saying it wrong my whole life...well i mean i thought i probably was but the Lord finally provided correction.

#15 yesterday i cut out hearts for a valentine's day table. i made them all kinds of crazy bright colors. and i loved it because it was untraditional. yay

ok. well that's all for now!
you should start thinking. it's pretty beneficial to your health. and we all need some JOY in our lives!

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