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s i m p l i c i t y (13)

January 2, 2010

hello all

i am here in ohio. trying to pass the time until i return to cbc.
don't get me wrong. i love could you not? but it's just that time. that point in break when doing nothing no longer suffices. when i have slept all i can sleep and stared all i can stare...
and now (though i will regret saying this in a few short days) i am ready to return to the crazy life. the life of hardly breathing never sleeping sometimes eating and always moving.
i confess.
i miss it.

but in the meantime, there have been lots of silly simple things to pass the days away and so i thought that i would share :)

#1 today victoria's secret had their semi annual sale...i got a new perfume for half off. yes half off and then they had some stuff three for 12 which is amazing. and this was the hard part. the scents were called

-good day sunshine
-barefoot in the park
-caught in the rain

how was i to choose? i mean it is a well known fact that i choose everything based on the way that it sounds. if i like the name then i will most likely like the scent. and those three were allll amazing!
but sunshine is ultimately my favorite and it smelled the that's what i picked. and just some barefoot in the park body wash.

#2 i had a strawberry banana smoothie from frulatte! my favoritist smoothies ever in the whole world!

#3 i found big sparly stud earrings today in lots of colors. i have been on the hunt for them. so...yay

#4 i learned how to play banana grams tonight and i actually wasn't too bad at it...after like a zillion rounds. i never did win but i did get to say peel once!

#5 i am reading this book, the five love is changing my life! but for real! i mean i picked it up last night and i have full intentions of finishing tonight. i had no idea...NO IDEA. and now i will be able to love everyone better! yay!

#6 i have learned some crazy things about myself on this break. i don't really think i ever take the time to learn about myself...but i probably should have because it was like meeting a new person ha ha

#7 my mom bought me a cool african puzzle! i have been meaning to do a puzzle for a while now! yay for puzzles. i know i will get frustrated but you know what it will make for a good granny night on bowie 2 west!

#8 i talked to ashley hankins and tiff today and well it made me smile!

#9 i got my hairs cut and so my hair smelled yummy all day salon! my favorite!

#10 i got my eyebrows waxed today and the lady was like hey you have a scar...
and i got to tell the story about how i got it running from the flying monkies in my dorothy dress and red slippers ha ha gooood times. the wizard of oz will always be close to my heart...or eye. whatever!

#11 only 6 days until i go back to cbc :)

#12 i wore the crazy headband with lots of sparkles and feathers (my lovely christmas present from the lovely heather) on new years eve

#13 my mom finalyl got me this cd i wanted! it's this fun amazing prodigy alex marr. he takes music lessons where i used to and he can rock out on the piano and so i got to listen to it and be amazed today!

#14 i got a new chi and a disney princess ispy book for christmas!

#15 my parents and i just had christmas last night ha ha ha. we have trouble saying think?

#16 cloudy with a chance of meatballs comes out on tuesday and i am buying it and watching it with brandi! and we will eat meatballs! i just made that part up right now...but it seems appropriate.

#17 whenever i haven't written one of these in a while, i remember hannah rone being inspired by them and it makes me want to write another..and smile because i think about hannah rone!

#18 i always love when these notes get to 17 because that is my favorite number. speaking of which, i picked a number for the gift exchange at a christmas party the other night and i got my favorite 17!

#19 i got a new hot pink phone. that is old news...but i mean it's been a while. i also got a third hold in one ear. but just one because i like when things aren't symmetrical!

#20 only 6 days until i get to see the lovely ladies of bowie 2 west including the new ones yay yay yay!

#21 i had pretzel dessert today mmmmmmm

#22 i found a new color of grandma sweatshirt at wal mart! and i bought it! and i wore it!

that's all!


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