Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (12) CHRISTMAS SPECIAL

December 17, 2009

so. it's been a while. it's been busy and crazy and i have not had time to think eat or breathe this is much neeeded! enjoy and please share yours!

#1 favorite past time today! sitting in airports eating strawberry-blueberry yogurt parfaits and smiling at people as they walk by. trying to figure out their lives and their stories. maybe it's my way of trying to make the world a little smaller.

#2 i found this amazing bag at the field museum store. it was reversible and made from this rich beautiful fabric from kajikistan. i have never even heard of kajikistan, but they have cool fabric :)

#3 i also found this beautiful yellow hand blown glass ornament with hand painted oriental flowers.

#4 some little girl had a hot pink disney princess stroller!

#5 there was a plane dedicated to breast cancer with a giant pink ribbon painted over the whole thing!

#6 one of my flights was so empty that i was row 13 of 30 and i was the last person! so i got to spread out and fall asleep to some music on my ipod!

#7 when we flew out of chicago i could trace the faint outline of the beautiful chicago skyline through the gray, snowy sky

#8 today i get to be home in ohio!!!

#9 it's not even christmas yet and i have already gotten some of my favorite presents of ALL times!

#10 tonight we hang christmas ornaments. my three favorite to date:
1. the ballerina that really spins!
2. santa bowing down to worship baby jesus
3. cinderella's castle

#11 my favorite part of christmas, the for us all outreach is this saturday! we get to give lots of people a lovely christmas and show them the love of jesus!!!! yay! christmas would not be the same without it!


#13 in the midst of the ending of that crazy death semester, i got to watch a christmas story and see the new disney princess movie and go on a scavenger hunt and make a few taco bell/ starbucks runs and hang out with the ramos family and go to incredible pizza! ya that's what i am talking about finals.

#14 christmas shopping and wrapping soon to come!!!!

#15 this year for my christmas present we are buying florence and her family in zimbabwe a goat and two chickens!!!

#16 i got to leave out of gate g17 today. i love the #17 that's just all there is to it

#17 today i saw a woman in a turban and purple valor pants walking through the airport. i just didn't know that happened ha ha.

well that's all i got for right now! but come on guys it's christmas i better see a ton of lists!!!!

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