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s i m p l i c i t y (11)

November 19, 2009

hello :)

life has gotten more stressful... but more wonderful by the day! that's crazy sounding i know...but it's most likely..not it IS because of jesus. he just has a way of making me smile. and even when i am too busy and too crazy to stop and notice, he puts little things in my path and still finds a way to drag a smile out of me... and that is just one of the reasons that i love him SOOOO much.
so here's a few little tid bits of joy that have landed throughout the last little while since i wrote.

#1 i just had a conversation with the cashier at wal mart about headbands. she does not like the no-slip hadbands because they hurt her ears, and i in turn do not like them because they are falsely advertised. go to the gym and it is guarenteed to have slipped to the back of your head by the end. i promise that this is a postive comment, it brought joy to my heart to have this conversation with a complete stranger :)

#2 i got to quiz tonight! like for real quiz... and it may have been a little not quite official...but who cares it was oh so much fun. i love jesus and i love his word! and i love cbc!

#3 i watched a movie the other day that contained the line "i just think you are constipated. i think that you have grouchy petrified poop in your soul." goood goooooood times.

#4 kate, our beloved friend and dean of women had her lovely baby jackson! they are healthy and wonderful and well that is just super exciting!

#5 i got to eat dinner with miah tonight! (see the album entitled miah if you are unsure of who miah is.)

#6 i realized that cbc is really amazing. awww who and i kidding. i already knew that, but i have been reminded repeatedly in the last few days and i can't say enough good things about it! i am so blessed to have teachers that really take the time to know who i am and to invest in my life and my calling, and to be surrounded by friends who are just well, pretty much the greatest. it's just a place full of life and love and laughter and well how could you not love a place like that!?

#7 i got to talk with my dear old children's pastor the other day... old as in... um...ok anyways, it was great and i might get to spend the summer learning all of their tricks! how cool is that!?

#8 i get to go home in a day and see my family and my friends and hopefully some snow!

#9 i am only a week away from grandmas stuffing and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and the macy's thanksgiving day parade!!!!!!

#10 i got national geographic kids in the mail today, and they had a page of radom facts. i loooove random facts. like this one... "more than 12,000 animal crackers are created every minute" i really really love animal crackers.

#11 i get to fly on an airplane in a day... and guess what that means... devos in my favorite place! i love talking to jesus in the clouds. i guess i just feel like he's right there :)

#12 favorite conversation to listen to this week:
josh w. "oh josh look they have concerts on this train!"
josh m. "wow that's different.."
josh w. "oh... wait...miracle train is a band...."

#13 i got a new camera this week and it is b l u e. yes. not pink, blue. props to me for stepping out of my comfort zone.

#14 i get to eat a chicken pesto salad and eat lots of yummy candy while i chat it up with my candy counter buddies next week!

#15 they finally had more vitamin c gummies at wal mart!

#16 i have contacts again!

#17 today was the last day of softball ever. i was a sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiver sad ha ha only a sliver

i am stopping there since 17 is probably my favorite number. probably.

#18 oh wait. i also went roller skating this week. it's been years so that was pretty cool. not to mention that it was also latin night. don't be too jealous.

ok well, just let jesus carry you in all things and let his joy be your strength no matter what you are facing right now!
ok. well i love you all :)

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