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s i m p l i c i t y (10)

October 31, 2009

this could be a big one. 
and the coolest part about this one is that it didn't necessarily stem out of an amazing week. it actually came out of a super tired, exhausting, blah kind of week.
but that's the point of these.
to take those really awful, yucky, nothing special kind of days and find the beauty and the life and the love inside of them. 
it's a training process. it's a mindset kind of thing that every single one of us has got to master. to stop dwelling on the sad and the bad and the mad and the ugly and to find the good and the beauty and the joy in it all. 

so here goes :)

#1 there was an african speaker in chapel on thursday. he was the superintendent from tanzania! he had this amazing african accent and a hearty laugh and a bright white smile and oh goodness he just made me want to head to the airport right then and there!

#2 i got a rockin' score on my synoptic gospels test. i have no idea how i did it (outside of divine intervention) but i am pretty happy about it and you shall hear no complaining or questioning from me. 

#3 i cleaned my room and vacuumed and it smells lovely and fresh and well, the ocd in me just loves to have everything in order :)

#4 i washed the cover on my "couch" and i switched from the light purple to the dark purple side. 

#5 i found a $5 shirt on the clearance rack at wal mart that was super fallish and fun! and i wasn't even looking for clothes i was just grocery shopping. so it was a surprise!

#6 i was bummed because i really wanted pumpkin spice creamer and they were out. but andrea recently got me hooked on coconut creamer. i don't even like coconut but it doesn't taste like it and it's delicious. even the low cal! so i got the coconut creamer and i was almost equally satisfied!

#7 for breakfast the other day, i had maple and brown sugar oatmeal with a little honey added to it and blueberry yogurt. and then i had apple cinnamon with honey the next day but i put it in a cup and ate it on the way to class. it was a new experience all together so i think it made it even yummier :) and then i had a roca blanca latte between classes. wow what a good day!

#8 i wore my pale yellow flower hair barrette. it once belonged to one of my dolls. it's my favorite because it holds the most hair without popping out or being huge. but i don't get to wear it that often because i don't wear yellow all that much. 

#9 i got my new national geographic and a letter from my grandma :)

#10 i also got to wear my huge sparkly yellow earrings with little stars inside of them. it made me fix them because they have been broken for a very long time. but i just couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear them with that outfit!

#11 i discovered i can get away without straightening my hair every day. yay for less work and more sleep!

#12 my room has officially become the lobby for bowie 2. there are always people in my room whether or not i am in it and that makes me smile 

#13 i probably have the best friends in the entire world. 

#14 dr. crabtree has discovered and executed the optimal education style and i am the beneficiary. learn the most and stress the least. i believe this should be officially instated everywhere. 

#15 we went as guess who faces to spinster spree. that included bright pink lipstick. as ugly as it was, i have to admit i loved having an excuse to purchase hot pink lipstick. 

#16 i slept till one o'clock this afternoon. and i don't mean i laid around, i mean i opened my eyes for the first time at 12:59 pm. 

#17 i was the official face painter at the glad tidings harvest party this evening. it was so much fun! and i realized once again how much i love my calling and my life and what i get to call a job for the rest of my life. i got to paint a cactus and even make a girls whole face a butterfly!

#18 i got home early tonight and made myself coffee and had a lovely long cry with my mommy on the phone and watched some of kit kiterege and had a heart to heart with tiffany and we came to the conclusion that we cannot and will not under any circumstances waste our time trying to be someone else. 

#19 i get to sleep an extra hour tonight!

#20 i think i have officially picked my passage to hermeneuticaly exegete. although i would appreciate your votes. they are both so amazing and powerful! 2 corinthians 4:7-18 and ephesians 2:1-10 read them at any rate. they will change your life. 

#21 today i put on lotion that i hadn't used in a while and it made me think of la because apparently i used it there and well i smelled like i smelled for spring impact last year. 

#22 i had one productive day this week. i am aiming higher for next week :)

#23 tonight at the harvest party... they had like legit candy. like the brand name stuff. i do not care about brand names accept when it comes to candy, and then that's the only way it's worth it. 

#24 i was super blessed and inspired by this ministry that i looked into this week called village of hope in harrare, zimbabwe. you should check out the website 

alright. well i think that's all i've got. 
be blessed and walk in God's favor and blessing :)
thanks for reading. 

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