Saturday, May 19, 2012

ode to autumn

October 27, 2009

This morning I woke up and heard the patter of the rain outside of my window once again. I reached for my new gray boots and my shimmery autumn splashed scarf and decided to embrace this brisk Tuesday morning in October. The wind was just a little too cold for my liking and the leaves too wet to crunch, but the trees still stood in brilliant contrast against the billowy sad sky that matched the color of my boots. All those feelings of fall came rushing back and this unbelievable joy and gratitude for the wonderful creator who thought of it all. And not to mention those homemade pumpkin cookies calling my name in the caf. I suppose that is the benefit of awful food all the time, you can’t possibly miss or not appreciate the gooey goodness and moistness of a spiced, warm pumpkin cookie on a cold autumn afternoon.

And so I thought I would share a few little tid bits I’ve been inspired with lately... It’s true that I am a junkie when it comes to descriptive words, and for some reason, describing fall is pretty much my favorite. I dare you to give it a whirl!

Journal: September 3, 2009

“There was a little bit of briskness in the air, some extra crunchy leaves scattered along the sidewalk and those rich colors that sort of get absorbed into the tear blue backdrop. the green leaves shimmer and dance on their brittle branches. to grab a light weight cardigan and enjoy it's warmth as the autumn wind teases your hair.”

Journal: September 21, 2009

“The first days of fall-my favorite! I just love to look out and see those rich, beautiful colors. The deep green leaves that sway in the wind and the soft blue canvas that envelopes all of it. Thank you for your breath and gentle hand that provide so much life! And thank you for the crunchy leaves!”

Journal: October 21, 2009

“Thank you for life and love. For beautiful autumn and for friendship and fun and so much joy and laughter. For the brisk breeze that dances in and out of my stringy hair that has not faded from a bright August sun to a golden autumn leaflet. It draws the crystal tears from my widened blue eyes and whispers love and life into my shivering ears. It carries the scents of warmth and family and hope and tickles the tip of my nose. The emerald grass sways under its power and the richly painted leaves frolic about in its streams. Each leaf delicately touched with the hand of God. Deep hues of scarlet and gold and auburn trimmed and contrasted and cut out each in its own unique form.”

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