Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (17)

April 25, 2010

it hasn't been a bad day or a rough day or anything of the's actually been an amazing day...and therefore i feel the need to document. because how silly of me to only remember lovely things when things aren't good. because remembering lovely things when things are lovely makes them doubly as lovely.... 

1. this is simplicity note number favorite number! 

2. this simplicity note is not inspired out of a hard day or a rough day but just because i had a superifically lovely day. 

3. ice cream cones at mcdonalds are currently 49 cents! until september! woa! this reminds me of middle school when we used to scrounge together our 2 dollars and hit up some mcdonalds ice cream cones in the lund mobile! 

4. it's barbie/hotwheel season at mcdonalds! come on you remember how excited you used to get for those...they are classics! anyways. i saw that it is that time again and so i asked the guy at the register for a barbie toy along with my cone and i got it for free because he couldn't figure out how to charge me for it! she is a pink mermaid that i named merna and put next to my mcdonalds my little pony who is named nay nay. think about it. you should be laughing now. 

5. i decided yesterday that i think i will name all of my children after flowers or trees. yes the boys too. lily, rose, daisey, violet, chris (short for chrisanthemum) will (short for willow) oak. and they can call me mum...ha ha ha that was funny you know it was. 

6. the other day i received a personal voicemail of encouragement from jason varguhese...yes. i am that important ha ha. nope but it made my day. 

7. i tie dyed tshirts with my lovely girlies of bowie 2 west last week and they look sooo good. we shall represent our elder erica this tuesday in senior chapel! be there! 

8. today i played a million rounds of dutch blitz and i dominated! like for real though. i don't like to brag or anything...but i was cleaining up. 

9. michael and stacie made me strawberry pretzel salad for dessert of my all time favorites. they are just that amazing! 

10. i am wearing a tie dyed shirt right now :) 

11. i finished the entire acts study guide, two sys theo reflection papers, the pentateuch, and an article this weekend. 

12. we tried this amazing little coffee shop for the first time last night called heros coffee! they support organizations that help others and they had live music...and he was pretty spiffy...that's what i thought. 

13. i got to babysit isaiah and miah this week and well they are just amazing 

14. my toe nails are purple right now 

15. i get a car in two weeks. my cute little blue pontiac g6 woot woot thanks familia i love you and i can't wait to see you! 

16. i have found a way to incorperate the you tube video david after the dentist into my hom 1 sermon that i am preaching this friday. ha ha ha i cannot wait for that! 

17. this is my favorite number so i need to make this one a good one...hmmm...oh i know i know! i wore tights again today and i jumped on the bed in them!!! 

18. we had our ra dinner tonight...and well gosh i just love those people. they are some of my favorites! i won the award entitled, most likely to be made into a disney princess.. 

19. i got a bouncy ball tongiht. but it was a rip off. the ones at old navy are bigger and prettier and only a quarter. this was smaller and it cost 50 cents. lame. 

20. the other day aj and i went running and well...we got caught in a hail storm and had to hide under someone's roof. and then we walked back freezing in the pouring down rain. 

21. i added a ridiculous costume to my list for the year. so far, i have been gandolf, hannah montana, a cow, alice in wonderland, and now the bowie bug. 

22. i start my internship in two weeks! crazy! 

23. bowie fifth is filling up fast!!!! 

24. i have the best hall in the entire world! 

25. the other day, jesus spoke to me through a brick wall. but for real. i was crying and i looked up at the wall in the corner of the balcony and i saw this giant crack running through it. and i just sort of heard jesus saying, i am tearing down walls rachel and i am working but don't keep putting other ones up. 

26. transit assembly is hitting the ground running and we are about to rock seattle for jesus! 

27. i am going to get an a in a snavely class...W H A T ? 

28. i forgot how much i love the word felicity...but i do. 

29. i went to subway the other day and i tried something new. i don't know if you know what a big deal this is...but for real. i am a tuna, spinach, tomato, shreaded cheddar, toasted on honey oat adict. but i got sweet onion chicken teriyaki! i know...crazy! 

30. our senior council is going to be so much fun and i cannot wait! we started off the year with an amzing breakfst at ihop! yay 

31. tonight we tried fizzling skittles..they are supposed to be like pop rocks but they aren't really. i wouldn't reccomend them. 

32. i found the perfect present for my bestest friend tiffy! yay! 

33. um. i have never got this high on one of these...but now that i have i am going to dedicate this number to my dear friend emmy who does not have a facebook...but 33 is her all time favorite number...yay! she is pretty cool. 

34. my theory is true. if you just don't do homework all semester and have fun all the time and then just force yourself to do it the last week or can still do it.. and the beauty is you had fun more than you worked. is that wrong? 

35. this week for room checks i passed out buttons. i am not sure why, but it made me smile just because i love them so much. 

well. i think that's all i got. 
ya'll should give it a shot! 


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