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on the road in a f r i c a

July 4, 2009

so as you know i have been on the road and therefore the notes have been lacking.
but no worries, i'm back!
i've written out all of my notes throughout the week. my paper supply is low.
just be prepared to read..

saturday, july 4, 2009
today was interesting to say the least.
we woke up and finished packing for our week long tour of Namibia. we were supposed to be on the road by 9 30 which clearly was not going to happen as we stood staring at the enormous pile of stuff needing to be loaded.
i just kept looking at the stuff and looking at the bakki...and looking at the bakki and then looking at the stuff. mark and kim kept reassuring me it was all going to fit...but by the end, i don't think they were so sure either ha ha.
by the way...a bakki is a truck here.
there was an old man accross the street watching and clearly thinking on the same wave length as me. we just kept adding to the pile and before we knew it the cargo net we had been bringing along for kids camp became our means fof holding the stuff onto the bakki.
just picture the beverly hillbillies truck piled high and bungee corded down-people piled inside...that was us making our way accross africa. once we had convinced ourselves it would all stay in somewhere around 11 30, we faced our next challeng-fitting 6 people into a 5 person bakki.
we all sucked in and managed to get the doors shut and locked... and then we just kept sucking it in for the next 3 hours or so ha ha
i dozed on and off util this guy on the radio started quoting really good scripture, some of my favorite jbq cards in KJV and i couldn't resist waking up at least long enough to quote along with him lol
we drove through a few small towns but mostly desert and bush. no animals to report though...only endless amounts of ant and termite hills.
finally we arrived in okajanjo. we dropped mark off at the spar (grocery store) to meet this guy and do a training session.
and then kim, becky, bre, and her friend trish and i headed to our camp for the night. we were staying at a campground owned by youth for christ, pretty nice facilities.
we then proceeded to unload the mound of stuff-all of it-into the rooms. we will be laoding and unloading that mound every day for the next week-finally the work out i was hoping for i suppose.
and then we had a few stops to make. first the gas station to fill up and get some drinkage. i was in charge of the money and paying while kim watched the bakki-does she know me? ha ha
i decided to be brave and try a farmdudler..some sort of sparkling flavored citric herbal water. if i'm being honest, i just tried it because there were giraffes on the bottle. it wasn't so bad, but it sort of tasted like a spa smells.... ya
then kim wanted us to check out this market so she parke and let us try it on our own. well in swakop becky and i can almost blend in if we really try-here that was very much not the case. we stuck out to say the least..but we made an attempt.
first shop, we were smothered. if you touched something they were already wrapping it up. they followed you everywhere and so did every other store owner-and they didn't have the greatest smelling breath if you know what i mean.
anyways it was clear we were goig to be lost without kimpossible. . so we fetched her from the bakki and tried again.
she just told them to "back off or we were are leaving," oh kim ha ha and she got 3 things that would have cost almost 500 for 20. she just rocked at it... just as we expected.
after we pulled ourself away from the market we tried to find some kind of civilization that could lead us to food. we ended up at spitz cafe and beer garden.
it was the only option considering everyone else-like the only other restaraunt closed at 3.
so we sat down and ordered off of the very german menu. and waited oh so very long for that food to come. in the mean time we sat totally engulfed in the VH1 tribute to michael jackson and his top 20 songs. finally the food came. by chicken burger and "chips" other wise known as french fries and salad. it was not the best meal ever but tia! mark finally joined us and we were so upset when he made us leave when the countdown was on #3. it was a crime. i mean you don't wast that much of your life watching michael jackson and then not even find out how it ends. my bet is thriller was #!
we got back to camp around 7 00 . we made up the beds with the 8 blankets they left us and then found some way to get up into them. i was pretty bad at it. i made becky a cushion since she was afriad of falling ou.
and well then we just sat there for a while. service in the morning and a full week ahead.

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