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a f r i c a n paintings

July 3, 2009

bepo puki= holy spirit in ochivambo.

language lesson
see the national language here is english....officially anyways. and you can get by here alright with it.
however because of the very diverse backgrounds here...most everyone speaks afrikaans. i have been spelling that wrong in every note as you can see ha ha. this is like the african version of dutch.
but then there are these native languages. ovambo, herrero, and damara. but you put ochi in front of them...i should find out what that means.
for example...ochiherrero, ochivambo..see how that works.

ya. so that's enough for today.

first order of business: a school assembly at tamariskia primary school with mark's favorite principal mrs. blikey. she was such a sweet lady.
we wore our gingundus yellow shirts again and did some banana stuff.
and then i did my rope trick.
i was slightly nervous...but they all gasped at the end and so i guess that means it worked ha ha
becky squished a banana in her hand and then we were out!

today we completed the ultimate challenge...making the ultimate challenge banner.
it took all three of us (becky, me, and kimpossible) from 11:30 until 10 to paint this massive banner.
mind you. it says the year on after this...i don't know what happens to it.
that makes me want to cry.

so this blog is pretty simple.

today we painted...and painted....
and painted some more.

but it was great just getting to spend lots of quality time with our kim. we love her and being around her :)

we finally did take a break to go to the grocery store.
i got some namibian mula finally..and i am currently in the process of finding the best rate on post cards....
i wouldn't recommend looking for them any time soon ha ha
but they will be coming though, i promise i am good for it :)

we went to fruit and veg city...this entire store full of fruits and vegetables! my kind of store.
we found these ginormous oranges...i sear they were on steroids... but kim says that is not possible here. and some cheese which i don't think belongs there....
and our favorite apples in the world.
pink crisp from south africa yum :)

and then we discovered this amazing thing! all kinds of those candy like dispensers filled with all this cool african mix stuff.
we have to hit that thing up again before we leave!

so then we came home...and guess what we did..

we painted some more!

and then finally kim let us break for food...just kidding.
but we did walk to this adorable german owned pizza shop.
it was just such a lovely evening and i was so excited because i knew where the southern cross was.
it's so crazy to be on the other side of the world. even the starts are different.

but this pizza place was so fun.
we sat outside under this palmtree canopy...but then they were taking forever and so we moved inside. and it was soo cute.
candles and huge windows and bottles with flowers on the window seal. my kind of place.

i got this amazing grilled chicken pita. yum
with mushrooms and onions and avocados...but they were really cucumbers....bummer. good thing i like cucumbers or i would have sued...ha ha

it was yummy and lots of fun.

then we came back home...and just guess what we did

but we are finally finished.

now to pack!
we are going out of town tomorrow for a week. traveling to okhana to do some church training and services, then to the capitol of windhoek for a school assembly and some shopping....then sleeping in tents at the safari camp outside etosha game park...and then finally to ochiverongo to spend some times with the turney's at the bible college.
it's a strange feeling going out of town when you are out of town....

all i know is that God is so good.
he has brought me into a beautiful season and i am just so very thankful.
i am loving it an loving him and soaking up every minute of it

this will be my last note for a while.
but i am not dead just traveling ha ha
so be ready for a super long one!
i'll have so much to catch you up on,
thanks so much for reading.
love you all and i just am so blessed to be loved and supported and prayed up by you guys :)

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