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...on the road in a f r i c a (day 2)

July 5, 2009

"when i think about the lord
how he saved me how he raised me
how he filled me with the holy ghost
how he healed me to the uttermost
when i think about the lord how he picked me up and turned me around
and placed my feed on solid ground
it makes me want to shout halleluja
thank you jesus
lord you're worthy of all the glory and all the honor and all the praise"
i fell asleep to that song last ngiht.
i forgot how much i loved it.

i'm not even sure where to begin today.
but for real.
we went to sleep last night around 8 45 simply because there was nothing better to do. because of this unusual event, my body forced me awake about every hour from 12am on. until we finally crawled out from under our 6 blankets at 7 30. but you know what-i rather enjoyed that prolonged sleep and just falling asleep to music....just being still and falling asleep in His arms.
anyways it's a good thing we slept so long because if we wouldn't have been awake the freezing-no antarctic like shower would have done the job. i turned the knob every which way and waited but to no avail.
i gave in and somewhat showered and then warned the others. what can we do? tia
so we met up with mark and kim for some prayer time before heading to 5$ (that's the name of the settlement) mark dropped us off at the spar cafe (cafe in a grocery store) so we could get some breakfast while he picked people up for church. we ordered and in true namibian fashion our food was still not there an hour later when mark came back for us. so kim got it all into to go boxes while becky and i raced through the spar for drinks. and then we all piled into the bakki.
we attempted to eat their version of eggs and sausage and bacon-but weren't so impressed and ran out of time anyways.
we got to the church-or the tree-and i mean that quite literally, and found the congregation waiting. kim and becky and trish and bre and i set up and started some kids stuff while mark and the guys went to get benches-good thing we weren't into that breakfast because they were ha ha
so finally church finally started.
this adorable little baby church under a tree in the middle of african bush land. it just does not get any better than that! so becky and i did some kids stuff along with the amazing rope trick. mark led some worship and a message. their chior sang and we prayed over them. and then these people chose the elders of their church and mark prayed over the church and ministry.
it was pretty much amazing to watch this little baby church take flight.
so we waited for mark to take everyone home. becky and i picked some cool grass (yes even grass is cooler here) and finally we all piled back into the bakki. back at the camp we loaded only the luggage into the boot. we convinced the owner to let us leave the rest there so that we could maintain some wort of dignity when pulling into the fancy palmquel bed and breakfast later that evening.
then we were en route to windhoek-about a 45 minute drive to the capitol city. we dumped all of our stuff into these beautfiul rooms and then becky and i were off again with mark to another church service.

here's where the real adventures begin.

so we were supposed to be meeting a man from the church to help us get to the church. he directed us to a stadium..that we just could not seem to find. i don't know how you miss a stadium in a desert...but we did...a lot of times.
so in the midst of wondering around town looking for a man near a stadium...we come accross a car wreck. this little green bakki had rammed into the back of a taxi and the driver was out of his car asking us for help. well in don't think twice you just let hte guy in. so he wanted us to try and find the truck that hit him. so mark turned onto the ramp trying to follow.
soon enough we realize that we are on the exit ramp...and well tia we just cut across the medium and fixed that real quicly. we couldn't find the guy...but the one in the front was bleeding pretty severly. becky and i finally found a towell to donate to the cause. and then he rolled down his window to spit out blood..and
all over the window.
anyways. we just kept going. prayed with him got him back to his car and kept looking for this guy.
we passed a kid waving like 3 times. i was sure it was the guy, but they assured me our truck sort of sticks out and so people just remember it...but i didn't think so.
so the third time we pass the waving youngster, we finally stop..and what do you was him!
so he gets in and leads us to the church in kilaminjaro...a settlement outside of windhoek. they also meet under a tree in someones backyard.
by this time however, we look as though we have been through a hour late and blood splattered all over the side of the truck.
good times.
becky and i did a kids service again. we all introduced ourselves and then we had a fun time of worship. we even participated in an african dance line ha ha. then mark had us take the kids down to the street a little. we talked a little. i tried to leran some names and then we taught them "keep your tongue from evil"/"i like bananas" and "whose side are you leaning on?"i did the rope trick like a million times. there were like 50 kids when all was said and done.
we let them teach us a game "do as i do"
and then we taught them the hokee pokee and the chicken dance! (service was going long ha ha)
i also learned to say
afrika es muy (africa is beautiful) but my spanish always throws me off just a little.
some of the girls wanted to talk to me. they wanted to know if i knew beyonce and if i could bring them back to the states because they want to be american when they grow up ha ha ha. they also thought i was 40... i was not so sure how i felt about that. we dropped some guys off and then headed out for food.
we met some of the gardners good friends, rinaldo and reno, his dad at this super fancy place called-well i don't remember but it was all orange and suepr modern and italian. it beat the beer garden anyways ha ha.
renaldo was a pretty funny kid and he messed wth my head a lot while kim and reno plotted to hook me up with a teacher from the christian school who just happened to show up there.
but it gets better...
he is with his friend and two girls walk in...they were on a date and completely destroying kim's efforts ha ha but i sure did laugh about that.
becky and i split some pesto pasta and a calzone which for some reason we thought was a pizza it was delicious. then we hurried to the theater. we said bye to reno and rinaldo. reno asked if i want to stay and of course i said yes and he seemed to think that's why i needed to marry a nice african teacher-ha ha oh kim got to him for sure.
so we saw transformers 2 which i very very very much disliked.
it hurt my eyes-i am used to disney and chick flicks and it had so many unnecessary crude moments. it was just cheesy on the way out we had to hold our purses pretty tight because we were clearly being followed. but God is so good and he protected us every step of the way.
back at the beautiful palmquel resort. so nice. we can adjust the room temp. we were cold so becky tried to turn it up...not realizing that snowflake meant air...we set it to 32 degrees and apparently 24 is comfortable...ha ha we discovered these mints here called endearmints. they are chewy. i love them and today when i got nervous i would take a mint moment . well they're gone. today had plenty of mint moments as you can see....
now to relax in our beautiful room :)

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