Saturday, May 19, 2012

one glitch...

July 10, 2008

despite the happieness...
despite the seemingly perfect situations and circumstances...
there is one thing i just cannot seem to get right.

it's funny because i get so many things right without trying, but the one that i want to get right the most i fail at repeatedly. 

and i will never understand.

but i have to accept, that i cannot make everyone happy.
and i think that i have accepted this, there is just one thing that i still wish i could change.
i can make 10,000 people happy, and have millions who love me...but i still will not be able to overlook the fact that the one or two who i want to make happy the most...i just never will. and you would think that the millions would make up for those two, but they never ever do.

and those two are and always will be my biggest regrets...

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