Saturday, May 19, 2012

13 and counting...

August 8, 2008

today it hit me.
well actually little things have been hitting me here and there.
like sometimes when i am brushing my teeth i think about how it will be strange to say that i live in missouri when people ask me.
like when i get on that ticket is only one way...
or like today i was walking down my street and i realized this might be the last time i actually live in ohio...
19 years...and i might only have 13 days left as a permanent resident of forestridge dr. in boardman oh.
i don't know.
just little things like that.
but i don't really think it will hit me until i'm actually there.
just like i don't think i'll know how long i need to stay in africa until i get there.
or what the dorms at cbc look like until i get there...he he
i mean this is the craziest thing i have ever done...i mean it surpasses the craziest thing i've done so far by like 20 gazillion!
i am moving to a college 13 hours away that i have never seen and i decided all of this less than 4 months ago...

but somehow i am more at peace than i have ever been about anything. God is good. he is carrying me once again and providing in ways that i could never imagaine and as always opening the doors one at a time to big beautiful plans as long as i am willing to trust him. and i love his plans sooo much more than anything that i've ever come up with. it's just like something....actually several things are waiting for me there...and i can't wait to get to them...all of them!

and while it is bittersweet because i love ohio and everyone that has been a part of my life here so far, i need a break.
i need a place to start over. to finally do what i know i am supposed to...not what i always felt everyone else wanted me to do....

i'm leaving in 13 days.
and that's what's going through me head at 13 and counting.
i just sounded irish. i meant my. but it ammused me so i left it :)

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