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a f r i c a...the journey continues...

June 27, 2009

jesus het tu leaf...

excuse the spelling...but that is my first afrikanse phrase. jesus loves you :) i figure that's about all that i need to know ha ha

um so becky and i had an awful time falling asleep last night and we stayed up way too long talking about how insane emily is. ya...stories of her could entertain you for quite some time.

anyways. we wokd up pretty early and then got all ready and headed to fresh water pentecostal church for the children's minstry workshop.

we helped set up...and then kim asked me to take over greeting duties while she headed home to finish the food and certificates...seemed great. smile and say hello.

and then they started paying me for the outlines...and that was alright. i just smiled while they dropped coins into the bucket...and then it happened. they pulled out a bill and took more than one copy and looked up at me as though i was supposed to hand them something in return.

humbly, i leaned forward and told them that i had no idea what to give her nor had i ever seen a cent of namibian currency in my entire life haha. i might have caught on eventually...

the workshop was amazing. mark taught us how to lead kids in praise and worship and even how to write our own songs. i was bad at that...but hey i mean what do you want from me?

then i was in charge of writing out the certificates because apparently in namibia they want a certificate for everything. and they were so not kidding. these people were serious about their documentation. i treid my darndest to make out their names...but i mean most af them are german mixed with dutch and they are UNIQUE to say the least.

needless to say...after they received them there was a pretty lengthy line of people who were in serious need of name corrections...let's just say i ran out of blank ones and ways to fix them...not my strong point for sure.

finally loaded up and headed home.

beach time. right now the east wind is here. which means that all the wind comes from the sand dunes instead of the oceans. soo it's really hot even though it's winter...jealous i know i am! so becky and i geared up after raiding our snack cupboard courtesy of kim...and headed down the street...that's rght we waled down the street to the ocean.

and we walked and walked and walked....and took pictures and i almost slipped a million times on this giant rock out in the middle of the ocean....but hey i didn't on the upside :) we found amazing rocks and shells...i mean they are better no matter what anyone says because everything is more amazing in africa! ya that is so true.

not to mention they spell everything with a k. examples so far...pelikan and afrika.

then back to the house. we got to talk to kim for a while about interesting african grub. come to find out they are pretty normal around these parts. then we ordered some pizza and headed out to pick it up.

she took us window shopping while we waited. so many amazing african things that i want to buy and most likely cannot afford because they are authentic unlike pretty much anything in the us ha ha.

best coment of the day..becky says, i have not seen one american car here...i say...becky we don't even have american cars in america anymore...

moving on...

this adorable little pizza shop, the western saloon...smelled like heaven. literally i think that's what it will smell like...near the kitchen anyways...

but they like make it from scratch with all the ingrediants out and a stone oven...i felt like a little kid when my grandma used to take me to iga and let me watch the ladies decorate cakes ha ha

anywho. for real the best pizza ever. mark and kim say in africa..i say ever...because everything is better in africa ha ha. and sweet kim got me avacados!!!!! yuuuum.

and then we planned kids church for tomorrow. mark attempted to teach us how to do a puppet not behind the stage...i got this long haired monkey thing with bright blue eyes that strangely resembled a puppet pastor b used to do called mort. so he has been appropriately named.

i am awful....but mark says the kids are so little they will most likely just be terrified of mort anyways.

oh another good moment today...mark was talked about when his daughter was sick and had this hurendous temperature of 39!!!! ha ha that one took a moment for me to grasp...

and i can't read the calories on anything here! it is driving me insane! i look at the packages and they are all in some unit of measurment that i do not understand and so today as far as i know i ate a granola bar that was 2, 339 calories. ya. letting lose in africa i guess.

oh and there is this snack brand called simba and well i am pretty sure that when they were making the lion king and vacationing in africa for inspiration, they were snacking and developing characters...and someone looked down in desperation at their snack bag and simba that we know and love was born...ok

that's enough for tonight. i am sorrry to bore you all.

thanks for reading :)

certainly more to come

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