Saturday, May 19, 2012

Arriving in Africa...the first in a LONG series.

June 26, 2009


i know....super duper crazy right!?

i thought this would never ever come...and here i am half way across the world.

it feels like forever ago that i heard that silly little thought come into my head...or fell in love with that stupid tooth paste commercial, and i have been dreaming of this day ever since. i just don't think it has hit me yet if that's even possible. i mean, i am very much here, and so is my luggage...NOW anyways and i am oh so thankful to report that it finally caught up with us :)

so far, well africa is amazing, this tshirt i have says it all.

it's beautiful, untouched and untampered with my humans out to make a buck. the ocean is real ocean. no boardwalks and fancy tourists traps...just miles upon miles of roaring, foaming h2o in all it's glory.

and the sand stretches forever and it's hard to tell when it stops and the sky fact when we flew in, i wasn't quite sure where we were going to was sand and more sand and more sand..ha haa.. and then this tiny building they call an airport. one line for customs, one runway, one plane. we got off and some other people got on and then we stared at the one luggage claim while our bags did not come around it...and there was no where else for them to we filed a report.

but it was a good thing actually, because they guy who took care of us ended up being a children's pastor in the area and got connected with mark.

on the downside, we wore the same clothes for 3 straight days. not exactly pleasant i suppose but all for the cause, and heck we needed a little adventure.

so funny story i should mention. in south africa, johannesburg to be the MOST beautiful airport i have ever seen...we found out our flight to walvis bay was delayed. so we needed to make a phone call...we spot a near by pay hard could it be?

well we had already been shocked into africa when we went to purchase a bottle of water and the woman demanded 9.75...i mean i knew prices had gone up..but as i stared dumbfounded she finally understood and clarified that would be two american dollars...whewww ha ha
anywho. so we go to use the pay phone...i have no clue what they are asking for. so i ask a woman in a store how to use it...she says put the coins in.

i'm not that dumb.

i ask for change she says that is not possible so some nice guy who overhears finally hears and donates to our cause and throws in a pay phone lesson free of charge. he must have been an angel lol

so we get ahold of them and return to our gate while mr. from louisiana who works as some oil man talks our ear off. he was nice ha ha.

after a plane ride that was way too long...mostly because i was super anxious to finally get on land in africa...we all that stuff you already read. can you tell i am slightly add?

to make a long story short. mark and kim are amazing. i have probably already gained a zillion pounds because it has been confirmed that kim is the most amazing cook on the planet and i have already taken a hundred pictures mostly of the sunset...oh and we met their pet turtles in the back yard, mr. t and tiny t.

and not to mention that michael jackson is dead. strange.

so tonight we did a worship service at a church in walvis bay. um i prayed that God would take me out of my comfort zone and he didn't waste any time at all. somehow mark talked me into improvising on my flute with this worship set...ha ha ha. ya right.

i was like, hey mark, my flue is with my luggage and that is not in the country..he's like don't worry we have one....ha ha

not to mention nicest flute i have ever played. so i do it. by the grace of God. he just has such a sense of humor. no matter how much i try to avoid the worship scene..he always pulls me in. but they weren't kidding when they say people in africa know how to do church. loud and bold and beautiful...and i got to be a part of it. while poor becky knelt the whole time on cement doing the power point...some nice woman finally brought her a pillow :)

met wonderful, beautiful african people. loaded all the stuff in their bright yellow truck...with the steering wheel on the wrong side. drove home on the wrong side of the rode....had some mark and kim story time while kim forced more amazing yet horrible food down our throats....and now we are in our guest flat and should be sleeping.

becky just asked me out of a dead sleep what fish eggs are called..

well all i can really say to sum this up is that africa is amazing.

i'm not sure i am coming home. (just kidding mom)

there is plenty more where this came from! stay tuned :)

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